Monday, December 26, 2011

Who Knew I Could Do This An ENTIRE Year

I started training with "The Mick" a year ago already! I had a couple of breaks in my routine throughout the year because of health issues, but I didn't quit, which had been my way of life before this year.

Here are some observations:

1. I'm EXACTLY the same weight I was this time last year...LOL!

2. One of my trainers is a dirty old man, while the other appears to have been trained by the KGB as a killer.

3. I'm not afraid of all the crazy freaks that kiss their biceps goodnight before bed anymore, and will proudly lift my 15 lb weights next to them any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

4. I was WAY more out of shape than I expected.

5. I can do WAY more than I expected.

6. "Change" is the worst word in the English to "Discipline" of course...bah!

Some accomplishments:

1. No more thyroid medication

2. No more blood pressure medication

3. Lost 2 sizes in my waist.

4. Successfully changed many bad eating habits.

My one and only goal:


Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Answer? Let's Hope So

I went 16 years without being in the hospital. This is a HUGE accompishment for me. But, alas, the streak is over. My stomach was hurting so bad this week, I just couldn't take it anymore. I went to my doc, who said to go to the ER to get admitted. UGH!! BOO!! But I did. When it was time to admit me the hospital was so full, I went to this holding area. It was blocked off by curtains, and I was so high on morphine, that it didn't bother me at all. I heard so many interesting things through the curtains. One lady cursed every time her IV machine beeped. Another poor lady had had a stroke, and was very weepy (very sad). One woman had a blood clot and was trying to convince the docs to let her go home so she could go to her Christmas party. (If you don't know, if the blood clot moves, it could go to your heart or head and KILL YOU...that didn't seem to bother her! CRAZY!!)

I made up for the CT scan I didn't have last week with another round of contrast. This time though, it tasted like syrupy Crystal Light. Not false advertising this time...see
And these people were able to find a vein for the IV and several blood tests. Those other guys last week were morons!!

Anyway, bottom line is everything looked normal. The surgeon said he wasn't confident that the gall bladder was the problem, and it seemed more muscular in nature. It's like a muscle spasm in my stomach wall that won't let go. He gave me a MILD muscle relaxer to "break the cycle", and GUESS's working! My first meal, after not eating for the first 24 hours of my lovely hospital stay, was graham crackers and chocolate ice cream..can't beat that!! I've had 4 real meals since then with no pain whatsoever. This is incredibly exciting for me. I'm off for the next two weeks from work, so I will be resting in a winter wonderland of complete meals trying NOT to gain back each of the 10 pounds that I've lost...eeek!

Friday, December 9, 2011

God Fills Holes


I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with my stomach. Still having pain when I eat, so they are still running tests. Today's adventure was a CT scan. To prep for it I had to drink bari-Yum...NOT! They gave me two bottles with deceptive labels...Creamy Vanilla Smoothie and Apple Smoothie.

I had apple for my bedtime snack, and vanilla for breakfast. As if that wasn't bad enough, THEN the chaos ensued! To have a CT scan you have to have an IV, so they can inject the dye that lights up the desired test spot. As the tech was "trying to find a vein", he was also updating me on current events and told me he was "like a bartender without the drinks." After 4 sticks, and 4 misses (go figure, since current events were more important than his job today), I got up and refused the scan. I'm sure I don't have to explain the pain I endured in my hand, wrists, and arm. I marched over to my doc's office, issued a complaint, and told them I would redo the scan but NOT at the same place. Needless to say, they were MORE than understanding and helpful.

I decided to go to IHop for some French toast. I was feeling alone, angry, in pain, and really wished I had someone with me. I thought going somewhere where I could at least people watch would help settle me some. About halfway through my meal the waitress says to me, "Your ticket is taken care of today in hopes of a Merry Christmas." I said, "SERIOUSLY?!?!?!!!" She smiled real big and walked away. I'm thinking, "Do I know someone here?" "Is this a random IHop holiday thing?" "Is this a joke?" "Do I look homeless today, and in need of a meal?" I start looking around, trying not to look obvious, but of course, how could I! I see an older lady looking at me from across the way, and she says "Merry Christmas" and walks away. Talk about getting all misty-eyed, and being filled with peace...WOW! God filled my hole with generosity, grace, peace, mercy, love, and the comfort of knowing everything was going to be ok.

May I highly reccommend people watching at IHop ;-)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Parrrrrr-Tay

My Mom was a champ at living life in spite of her pain. She was a great example of not giving in, and said many, many times over, "I can hurt at home, or I can hurt at (church, the mall, the baseball game, the movie, etc.), I might as well be at (the aforementioned not-at-home places)." This is a HARD motto to follow. It sounded admirable at the time, but I wasn't in pain, and had NO IDEA what she really meant. Now that I am in constant stomach pain, I've tried to live by this, and the Mom "WOW factor" just went up a bajillion notches. She was an AMAZING woman!

So, this was me yesterday living the motto. My nephew was in town. Either I give in to the pain, stay home, and miss the entire thing, or I just go for it. I went for it.
Turned into these...
That turned into this!

TOTALLY worth it! Did I sleep well...nope! Am I fighting again today...yep! Will it be worth it...better be (LOL!)! I pray that when the doc's office opens tomorrow at 8am, I will be able to find out some answers, and begin the end of this mess.

Again...KUDOS to my AMAZING Mom for being an AWESOME example!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey and the Trots

Is that like Benny and the Jets? Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, for starters! Now, I registered for the Turkey Trot in Houston this morning, however, here I sit at home in Euless. What's funny about that is that this is the second event I've signed up for, and not made because of some strange medical condition. Well, third time will be the charm. There are several events locally over the next several months. And, I WILL trot next year, oh yes, I WILL TROT!!

So, we stayed home for my obvious need to not travel and to take it easy. Kevin then decided to invite the in-laws up here for Thanksgiving lunch. I'm NOT cooking, or doing anything special here. I feel like crap. So, on his own, he found out that Cracker Barrel has a package Thanksgiving meal for 6, and swiftly ordered it for today. It comes with turkey, ham, dressing, gravy, cranberries, biscuits, corn bread, and 3 sides.'s only $50! $50!! We like Cracker Barrel, so hopefully this will make a fine sub. Paper plates, plastic table cloth, and all other things tossable have been purchased. Now we wait and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This is one of my favorite floats because who isn't thankful for Snoopy?

And for my weight update, I have lost some more eating my doctor enforced protein/carb diet.

AAAHHHHH...Mickey just floated by :-) I like Mickey Mouse! Ooooh, look! Ronald McDonald's foot is deflated. What up wit dat?

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to Lose Weight Eating Carbs

Yes! That's the phenom going on here. BUT, before I go any further, I have an announcement! I CAN HAVE COFFEE!!! Talk about being able to find my Zen! Now, I have now been upgraded to a "low-fat" diet with a special pill that dissolves on my tongue before I eat. This special pill does something to my digestive system that decreases the pain of digestion. I LIKE this special pill. While I've tried food of the non-mushy variety, it just sits better if it's pasta, my special no-butter/no-cream mashed potatoes, beans, rice, oatmeal, etc. And, against all current pop culture literature giving carbs the beat-down, I continue to lose weight. I even had cake last night...HA! Ok, I know, the reason I keep losing weight is because they haven't figured out the problem yet, and blah, blah, blah. I would, though, like to take this moment though to tell pop culture that MASHED POTATOES ROCK, and make an amazing comfort food, even when modified.

So...let the turkey talk:

Obvioulsy, when I get all fixed and better, I'm going to have to figure out how to keep this off. That's a bridge to cross when I get there though. The bridge I'm on is crazy enough. Hopefully, they will find what's wrong in tomorrow's scan. Why do I have this sneaky suspicion that I'm not going to be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner...sigh...

Monday, November 14, 2011

"I'll have the steak sandwich, and...the steak sandwich."

I thought I might have graduated from my liquid diet, BUUUUT no. My doc said I could upgrade to what I so lovingly call the "mushy food" diet (rice, beans, potatoes, oatmeal, etc). I was so proud of myself for cooking two pots of beans over the weekend. Kevin was a "Super Trooper" and ate it with me. But alas...OH NO! NOT GOOD! So...doc's orders, back to the liquid diet I go. Fortunately, I go to a GI specialist tomorrow, who might be able to change all this. Until then, nothing says gourmet like juice and broth with a hydrocodone chaser...

So, this blog was SUPPOSED to be about the adventures of changing my diet and learning how to exercise at the gym. Hopefully, I won't be derailed for too long.

As for my weight loss, I gained a few pounds when I lost all will to diet combined with the trip to Houston for my nephew's 4th birthday. This stomach issue I've picked up has some perks. I've lost what I gained plus a pound. The turkey tells all...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jerry McGuire Memo Moment

Having made my very scary trip to the hosptial this week has got me thinking. Who wouldn't become a bit reflective after something like that? It is an odd thing, but I suppose since I've survived cancer, I always feel like it could come back at any moment, and it's just a matter of time. This may not ever be the case, but how am I supposed to ever really know. With the pain I went through on Monday, how am I not supposed to automatically think it's back, and wonder how much time I have left? Fortunately, the docs in the ER were able to quickly verify "It's not a tumor" which is say the least!

Also, I'm going through some withdrawls this week. I've been taken off all caffiene. I have coffee EVERY morning, so I'm not sure what to do here. I was even told decaf is out. I'm also not supposed to be having anything acidic, so no OJ to sub out for coffee. As I expected, I have this major headache. AND, I was told not to take any Tylenol or Alleve because of the way it could irritate my stomach. No coffee, no tea, no tylenol, no Alleve = Despicable Me. So far, I've only tried to correct the way Kevin drives, the way he eats, the way he heats up his food, his sleeping patterns, and his clothes. Who says all this isn't making me cranky...LOL! Poor Kevin! And I think I may have made a friend angry. This is only based on how she's been reacting to me, not because of any specific feedback. Not sure what I did just yet, but I'm sure I did it, whatever it is.

So, insert Jerry McGuire Memo Moment here:

I suppose it's natural, after a life threatening ordeal such as cancer, to take moments like this hospital visit, and refelct to make sure I'm not squandering my second chance at life. I've made several major life decisions based on other moments of this reflection. What's interesting is the older I get, the more difficult it is to make "major life decisions" without it impacting the lives of others. I would LOVE to figure out how to start up a bakery/cafe, and excel at that venture. I LOVE the concept at Cafe Brazil, and would LOVE to do something similar. Problem with it is, I am doing well at what I do now. I have been recognized as a "leader" and have been accepted into an advancement program. It's a stable career that lends itself to the "normal" 8-5 schedule, and it's very safe. I don't really like what I do, even though I'm pretty good at it. This isn't big news to anybody that knows me, though.

Another thing is I don't get enough sleep. I'm ALWAYS tired, and am tired of being tired. There are a plethora of reasons why I don't sleep...achy muscles after working out, snoring husband, yappy cat, overthinking my day, and other various reasons. It's 6:45am, and I've already been up for an hour. I thought if I went to bed early it would help. Nope! Kevin goes to bed later, wakes me up. Cat starts yapping, wakes me up. Kevin starts snoring, wakes me up. I get mad, never get back to sleep, and here I am. Is this why people get king sized beds? I dunno, but I do know I'm tired of being tired. I also have nightmares, and wake up screaming about twice a week. This week's excitement came one night from dreaming a fireman hit me on the back with a shovel while I was riding a bike, and last night a figure hovering over me while I was sleeping. Anyone who interprets dreams...ready, go!

Then there's this adoption thing. Geez where do I begin?!? Talk about zapping the life out of you!! I'm so sick of this "process" I ready to just stop it all together. BUT, if I do that, then we don't get a kid. Such an unfair predicament, but then, life just isn't fair, is it! We had an appointment set up for this past week, to get going again, but fate snatched that right out of our grasp...AGAIN!!! I'm SO ready to throw in the towel. My emotions can't take much more!

And...I REALLY miss my mom! I've REALLY been struggling with this the past several months. It will be 6 years in February since she passed away. I need her in more ways that 150,000, and I get nothing. Well, that's not true, I get a huge hole. How could I be so ungrateful?!

And, if ANYONE asks me if I've prayed about any of this, I will personally hang you up by your toenails! Give me a little credit, thank you very much! It tires me to no end to be around those who assume, that because things are a bit off kilter, that I have put aside and lost my grounding, my faith, my entire belief system. COME ON, PEOPLE!!

Now, back to my question: Am I squandering my second chance at life? Sigh...I don't know! You hear about these people who make these radical life changes, and say it was totally worth it, and their only regret is that they didn't do it sooner. Then you hear about those people who make those same radical decisions, and their entire life around them falls apart as they pursue these changes. I wonder what the difference is. I have made some changes to improve my lifestyle, including the working out and better eating habits. It's easier to play with my nephew. I have more energy. I am going skiing in February, and wouldn't have been able to manage that a year ago. So, there are some changes. Also, I went and got my friend back. This is a very long story, but the short of the long is that I was done letting our friendship slip away.

Is patience the answer? Is taking it slowly the answer? Is promotion at work the answer? Is a king sized bed the answer? Is there even an answer? I don't know, really. All I do know is that I have been given a second chance at life, and I don't want to blow it!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Baggage Claim #17 - Where he started the IV

If you are ever in the Denver airport and pass by baggage claim #17, know that is the spot insanity began. From the elderly woman who sat on my belongings, to the airport EMS starting my IV, to being rolled out on a stretcher, baggage claim #17 will always hold a special place in my heart...or stomach, as it were. My stomach attacked me with intent to paralyze. I don't take too kindly to organs not cooperating in normal fashion, so I signaled the call for help (a call to my husband who called airport EMS). Did you know airport EMS dudes can start IVs in the baggage claim area??

I've never been in a ambulance before. It was just like on tv. I asked the guy if the lights were on, and sadly no, I wasn't a "true" emergency. While I think that was probably a great thing, who doesn't want to ride with the lights on?? When I got to the ER...JUST LIKE ER!! Docs and nurses were standing in a line waiting to talk to me as they wheeled me in. JUST LIKE ER!!!!

After ALL the questions, and ALL the tests, and ALL the student docs that teemed around my ultrasound gasping out, "WHAT IS THAT?" (I did laugh at her out loud, which caused the erruption of laughter by the teeming student docs. Who says that in front of the patient?? SERIOUSLY??) I seem to have reason to believe I have "pre-ulcer symptoms" (quote by MY doc here at home). The answer to WHAT IS was my gall bladder...that was normal! Someone didn't read their homework!!!

I'm now on a liquid diet, on Nexium, and playing the waiting game. I call in a report to my doc each morning on how I'm doing. He thinks this should take about a month to resolve. Party on, Wayne!

I still can't get over that he started my IV in baggage claim!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Reality Revival

I've been eating the same food for months now, and decided it was time to mix it up! I haven't really built a portfolio of new heatlhy foods, just stuck eating the same ones over and over and over. Sooo, not wanting to buy a gimicky diet cookbook, I settled on reality tv instead!! Sounds VERY rational to me!

The Biggest Loser cookbook is FANTASTIC!!! The contestants have turned their normal favs into heatlhy alternatives. Using humus instead of refried beans and pita instead of chips for nachos. A noodleless lazagna using egg whites, ricotta, spinach, and a very tasty marinara. Making a wrap out of a PB&J. Nutritional facts are included with each recipe. That's what I'm talking about! Normal food with a twist. There is hope for the conditioned mind, yes, there is hope...

(hoping this isn't a copyright infringement...this is what the front of the cookbook looks like if you want to join the fun)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Burn It Up!!

Ok, I lost 3 lbs this week...woohoo. Then why am I so overwhelmed with it all again? I want to crawl under the covers again, and hide for about a month. Anyway, here's the latest from the greatest...The Mick:

The Mick: Do you want to know how to lose weight?

Me (thinking this is a trick question): Sure

The Mick: I say eat anything you want. All this hype about these diets is a bunch of bologna. Go ahead and eat chicken fried steak, cheeseburgers, heck, anything you want.

Me (waiting for the punch line): Ok??

The Mick: BURN IT UP!! When I was your age, I was running 20 miles a day, eating whatever I wanted. That's the just gotta burn it up!

Me: (just shaking my head in disbelief thinking...OH! OK! What am I doing here...I gotta go run, Forrest!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

20 lbs And Counting

First, I would like to pat myself on the back (pat, pat, pat). Although, I'm still working on finding a steady schedule for the gym, I have overcome my unwillingness to go. (pat, pat, pat). I'm there usually 4 times a week now, and get upset when I don't make it. I even rearrange my schedule if I know I won't be able to make a "normal" time. WHO AM I??? Anyway...pat, pat, pat.

Next hurdle...weight loss! AAAAAHHHHHHKKKKKK!!!!! I'm sorry, what did I just say??? Oh yeah, weight loss..BOO on that! Why I keep choosing the holiday seasons to start these endeavors, I have NO idea! I have been the exact same weight for the past 10 months. I have been mainly focusing on gym stuff, and somewhat focusing on food stuff. I think I have enough of a routine going at the gym, to switch up the focus. Gym on the side on the front burner. OH...not to actually burn the food though...blech :-)

CONFESSION TIME (and I did get new clothes over the weekend, thank you very much!):
I've lost the motivation for all this as it pertains to my health. I really could care less when it's put in that perspective. I have found that smaller goals, that are less nebulous, suit me better. For example, meeting up with a bunch of people from college that I hadn't seen in years...that was motivation. Being able to walk the Turkey Trot and not plop...that's motivation. Going skiing with family in February...that's motivation. Training for a promotion at work, and wanting to look better for that position when the time comes...that's motivation. Not getting my butt kicked on next year's 40 mile bike ride...that's motivation.

So, let the next drama begin. I would like to lose 15 lbs by the ski trip. That's roughly 5 lbs a month...DURING THE HOLIDAYS!!!! Insane in the brain...insane in the membrane...

Here's the "weight loss tickler" I created to track said goal:

And then the additional 5 pounds by the bike ride in April...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Turkey Trot, Here I Come

I have entered my first "event." Headed where my heart is...home! I am from the BEST city in this state...Houston! So, this is where I will be for Thanksgiving, and Kevin and I have signed up for the annual Turkey Trot! Last year, we were in Houston, staying at the Aloft hotel on Westheimer. For breakfast Thanksgiving morning, we sat on the porch, ate our sandwiches, drank coffee, and watched the Trotters go by (very relaxing, btw). We decided this year we would join the crowd.

The registration fee goes to a local charity for the elderly, so that's a good thing. My high school friend is joining us, and here's how that conversation went down...(condensed version)

Me: We'll be in Houston for Thanksgiving, and doing the Turkey Trot. Wanna trot too?

Her: I should be able to do that. And we are walking right, not running???

Me: Absolutely!! And the 5K, NOT the 10K.

Her: LOL! Ok, good!

So, we will trot (or more likely saunter) through the Galleria area for 3.1 miles. I'm excited! I had always wondered about the Trot growing up. Now, I'll know :-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Athletic Prowess

Prowess is defined by google as "noun. 1. exceptional valor, bravery, or ability, especially in combat or battle. 2. exceptional or superior ability, skill, or strength" My favorite adjectives are "exceptional" and "superior", and I'm certainly drawn to the part that says "especially in combat or battle."

Yesterday, I figured it all out! I now know why it is that I have been struggling for these long 10 months of training. I now know why my muscles are always enfuego (besides the fact that they match my shoes, which are also enfuego). I have finally made it! I have made it to the level of "skill", "strength", and "ability" (athelic prowess...) where I thought I was when I started working out those many months ago. All those months of thinking, "Wow, I just really thought I was stronger than this" make perfect sense now! I am NOW at my perceived baseline, and since perception is reality...there ya go!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Strike a Pose

There's nothin' to it, VOGUE (vogue, vogue...)

Sometimes I feel happy-dancy inside, and my inner-Madonna wants to come out. Seeing as this is a Sunday, well, it'll give me a great excuse to shop for new clothes so I can make the confessional march next Sunday in style...HA! If only that cone bra still fit...HA! (I've never have one...really!)

I'm feelin' happy-dancy today, cuz that girl got what was comin' to her!! I can't really say what happened on this blog, but a few weeks ago I posted about people not watching what they say, and not realizing how what they say, or do, impacts people around you like you wouldn't believe. The instigator of this blog got her up-and-comings! I guess we all do, but I sure do like it when the shoe is on the other foot...HA! You know you like it too! It's ok, we can go shopping together!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Life's True Test Is How You Handle Plan B

One of Kevin's FB friends posted that last week, and I thought it appropriate for recent events.

Needless to say, Plan B and I have been in a dysfunctional, co-dependent relationship since birth. There have been several key life moments that have been defined by the need for Plan B. A few of them still rattle my brain, but for the most part Plan B and I dance together nicely. This week, however, if Plan B doesn't stop stepping on my toes, I'm gonna punch her in the nose :)

I had an exercise goal set. I've been working toward that goal for MONTHS!

Strike One: The trainer that was helping me with this goal, Brother Mike, well, he quit. Ok, no problem, back to The Mick.

Strike Two: Killer truly kills me every time I go. Maybe it's because I'm 37 and can't bounce back the way I used to. OR maybe it's because I'm really that out of shape, and this is the price I pay. OR maybe both! Recovery can take DAYS!! And sometimes recovery from her workouts include sleeping all day afterwards, and/or missing work due to ongoing exhaustion! BUT, because of my wanting to acheive the goal, I kept taking the punches, thinking it would be over soon.

Strike Three: The goal I had been working toward was taken away from me. Out of my control events have taken place, and BAM, goal is gone!


And, I have not handled that well this week. I cancelled all my training sessions, and haven't been to the gym once! Searching for a new goal has been difficult.

Maxine has captured my sentiment for this situation:

Monday, October 10, 2011


I thought I could just add in 3 spin classes, 1 more training session, and the hour it takes to walk to and from the gym (technically from the "Light Switch Moment" entry) to my weekly workouts, and go on as if that wasn't a HUGE change!

I'm frekin' EXHAUSTED!! (DUH!, Right?) As my energy level and physical ability gets zapped, my crankiness level goes off the chart. I've turned into a little green Hulk (without the well-defined, larger-that-life muscles, of course...ha), and "nobody likes it when I'm [cranky]!"

Let the Elimination begin! The votes have been casted and the results are in! No more Saturday training! No more Monday morning spin class! Let's try these additions a bit more slowly, and work up to a full blown regimine, shall we...geesh!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Set My House On Fire?? WHAT?!?!!

I had been training with Brother Mike for about 4 weeks when The Mick comes back to the gym from his cruise. He told me that he was going to have surgery (that he won't say for what), but don't give up on him, because he would be back. Ok, will do! He has his surgery, a couple more weeks go by, he returns. Everybody I know that works out there is wondering what kind of secret surgery he had. He tells everybody, "I can't lift more than 10 lbs" so we all, of course, think something below the belt has occured. I mean, for crying out loud, he has no reservation telling me about the fact that he is on only one medication...for his prostate!...which is "good for a 77 yr old man." GEESH! OK!!

Remember now, he's the jealous type!

First week back - He comes over to where I'm doing crunches with Brother Mike and says, "Don't get used to this guy." (insert his fake laugh here).

Second week - I'm doing arm thingy whatnots, and he walks over and says, "I don't think he's working you out hard enough." (insert evil fake laugh here)

The next session - I'm walking up to the trainer area where we log in and he says, "If you don't start training with me again, I'm going to burn down your house. I can find where you live." (insert that same creepy evil fake laugh)

DUDE! Did I just hear that right?! DUDE! I laugh back with my "just try and do something old man" fake laugh. Here's where those sympathetic to the cause would say, "Awwww...he misses you!" Yeah!

Anyway, it was then when he told me he was going to tell me what his surgery was for. OH NO, I'm thinking! Now, if I'm lying, I'm dying...and I feel pretty good right now :-) Are you ready...cuz I wasn't! He had some work done on his face and chin!!! A FACE LIFT!! Took out the bags under his eyes, and took out the "gobbler" under his chin. I kid you not, this guy is full of surprises.

Now, long story short...he has now told me his is not going to burn down my house, because I started back with him tonight. PHEW!? Also, interestingly, Brother Mike isn't working there anymore. Coincidence, or evil plot?? Hmmmm.....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Belly-floppin', Inchworm, Spread-Eagle Push-Ups

I was on the treadmill earlier in the week, on the second floor looking down at the weights area, and saw Killer doing these push-ups with her legs farther than shoulder width apart. After she'd push up, she'd take one leg and cross it under, then do the same with the other leg, then do the next push up. I thought "That there is why I call her Killer. I could never do that!"

FAMOUS LAST THOUGHTS!! Yesterday it was my turn. I was not as smooth in my delivery of said push up. What she had been doing earlier in the week was designing a crossfit workout, and I was her victim. She let me "cheat" by starting on my belly. My "push up" was more like an inchworm roll up type action. When I'd finish the leg cross part, I'd belly flop back to the floor, wondering how I was going to be able to do the next one. Oh an inchworm :-)
These push ups were part of a set of exercises she had me doing. In the end, I had done 40 of them. Needless to say, I can only type this entry because I'm only moving my fingers...OUCH!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Light Switch Moment

New York City! Awesome place! Two things:

1. Everyone walks everywhere, and guess what? No fat people. Seems pretty logical. Therefore, I am now walking more places. We have everything we need, minus the grocery store, within a 30 minute walking radius. It's on!

2. After eating my weight in cheesecake, deli sandwhiches, street food, and the like, I have had no desire whatsoever for anything but healthy food since we returned home. Today, I even resisted BBQ and mini bundt cakes!


Here are some pics of our NYC trip! There was more than!

Day One:
Mama Mia on Broadway and Lunch at Stage Deli

Day 2:
Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, me pointing to my grandfather's name on the wall of immigrants on Ellis Island (from Poland), and what would be a rained out game at Yankee Stadium that was made up on day 4.

Day 3 (The day named as "Quantity not Quality")
Subway mosaics, machine gun wearing NYPD in front of the Empire State Building, Tibetan protestors, FAO Schwartz, visit to Tiffanys, NY Public Library (Ghostbusters moment), and a stop at Times Square after Phantom on Broadway (notice I'm on the bottom of the screen in the red dress...ha)

Day 4:
We found a neighborhood church (it was pic), ate great Italian food (no pic...uh, hello, what was I thinking?), went back for the make-up Yankee game, and ate at Carnegie Deli. This is mac and cheese with pastrami. I think it's still floating in my veins somewhere :-)
Now if I can ever figure out how to make the pics bigger, I'll be a happy blogger. Until then, have a nice day :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lamentations of Lunch

This is my second post for today, but this topic needs a seperate post.

I bring my lunch everyday now, so I won't be tempted to go out to get a quick burger, taco, or whatever fast food that is against all I've been working to change. This includes not eating whatever might be catered in at work for the day.

My boss is on this "buy lunch for every occasion" kick right now. She is new, and I think this is part of her attempt to look cool. ANYWAY, she makes fun of my lunch everyday. Let me repeat that...EVERY DAY!!! This is come to a point where I eat in my office, hoping she won't see me eating, so I won't have to answer for my food choices. If I were eating tree limbs, or gravel, I would see her need to point it out. BUT, sometimes it's salad, sometimes it's a dinner-ish meal with protein and two veggies, sometimes it's soup, nothing crazy. She makes a big deal of it EVERY DAY though.

This is the almost daily conversation:
Her: "What do you want for lunch today?"
Me: "Oh, nothing today. I bring my lunch, remember."
Her: "Come on! It's free!"
Me: "That's ok. I need to eat what I brought."
Her: "What did you bring? A salad? We can order you a salad!"
Me: "No thank you."
Her: (walking off) "You try to be nice, and I don't understand why people wouldn't eat free food!"

This seriously happens almost every day! I've explained my high blood pressure and cholesterol issues many times, and it seems to not matter. When I was gaining my 40 pounds, did anyone ever say, "Joanna, put the pizza down, what are you doing?" Did anyone ever say, "Joanna, stress eating is going to put on those extra pounds you don't want." Did anyone ever say, "Joanna, ..." NO, not that I remember anyway. (If you did, sorry I don't remember it).

This week I was sitting in the break room with the two new employees for lunch. Pizza was ordered. I LOVE PIZZA, but I ate my diet frozen lunch and apple. While I was eating, trying to avoid the fact that PIZZA was right next to me and smelled like heaven in a box, she comes in and says:

Her: (snakry tone for whole conversation) "So, what is it? Are you not joining us today?"
Me: "I did join you. I'm sitting right here."
Her: "But you're not eating pizza!"
Me: "I can't eat the cheese!"
Her: "We could have ordered one without cheese."
Me: "I'm fine with what I have."
Her: "Ok, whatever."

AAAAAHHHHH!!!! I also fought it out with her on my birthday, because "how can we celebrate a birthday without ordering lunch?" I had her buy me a Starbucks coffee, since she was sooo intent on buying me something.

I've spoken with a higher-up who has advised me to have a sit-down with her at at time that isn't around lunchtime, and discuss it with her one more time. Let her know how much her incessent nagging bothers me, when she knows I'm not going to be in on the lunch order. We'll see how that goes. I'm off for a week, so I get a week of lunch freedom...WOOHOO!!


So, in an act of total insanity, I've increased my gym activity. I have a choice. I could go back to taking blood pressure pills. OOOORRRR, I could embrace my insanity. I'm a fan on insanity, soooo...

My new routine includes spin class at 5:45 AM, MWF, PLUS my regular training sessions that include 30 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of cardio. Sometimes, these days overlap, and I'm pulling a double. WOW!!! I'm on week two, and I already missed spin class this morning. I AM IN PAIN!! I'll go this afternoon though. This new routine, coupled with the pain, is where I find that the word "relentless" comes in handy, and quite often. If I stop, I'll have to start all over with the pain. If I keep going, the pain is there. So, I relentlessly keep going, in hopes that all these people who have said, "It doesn't hurt so bad after a while" are right. THEY BETTER BE RIGHT!!!!!

On the positive, I bought two new pair of jeans last night at a size down from what I had on! YIPPEE!! Going to NYC tomorrow, so gotta watch all that food enter my mouth...shame, isn't it...bwahahaha! Staying at the Hilton, and they have a fantastic gym. They actually have trainers available if I want. I don't want, but I'm just sayin'.

One more thing. Found out that The Kid and I have quite a bit of the same background based on our faith. We were counselors at the same camp (of course, I preceded him by 15 years...yes I just said 15 years...WHATEVER!!), and know some of the same people. So, he has a new nickname...Brother Mike. Small world!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We All Fall Down

This entry is about the humbling exeperience I like to call "working out at the gym." Oh wait...that's really what it is. Anyway...

I was working out with Killer doing leg exercises. (She likes her nickname, btw). She had me doing a super set between the hamstring machine and the glut machine. I got about 1/2 of the way through it and the room started spinning.

Me: "Whew! I'm feeling a bit dizzy."
Killer: "Get on the floor. Now."
Me: Hesitate - "Ok..." and I sit down.

She tells a story about how too many people don't listen to her, and most of the time it's too late when someone finally mentions they are dizzy...they are already going down. I see her point. I start to feel better, and get two more sets in before the room starts going again, only worse. I pause.

Me: "Wow! This is crazy."
Killer: "On the floor. Now."
Me: I sit down again.

30 minutes later I feel like getting up. I was embarassed. Not only was Killer there, but Army Guy came to help out too. He told a story about almost passing out during the week with chest exercises. The guy next to us also told stories about almost passing out. Apparently, it happens, and it just hadn't happenend to me yet. The concensus was that I probably needed to eat more. I did eat, but just not enough...maybe. It could have been lots of things, so I'll work on eliminating "those things."

I have noticed that since I've been off my blood pressure meds, my pressure is low on days after I work out, and high on days after I don't. Go figure! So, I've added 3 more cardio workouts to my week. I'm now in for 3 spin classes, on MWF at 5:45am. Monday was my first Monday. It kicked my butt all over the place and then some. What was humbling was that there was a girl in there that was more than twice my size. She was able to keep up with everything. She's probably been going to this class for a while now. She's obviously been working hard. It was very impressive. I, on the other hand, started laughing out loud at one point, because I just couldn't keep up. Give it time, give it time. Tomorrow is a new day, with a new instructor! HA!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall Is Here some disheartening news today. My cholesterol has not lowered. I have to keep going with the Lipitor. SOOOO, since I'm determined now to get off all meds, I've been really looking at some better food choices. What this ultimately means...I have to become another type of "those people." The food people. I REALLY thought that all the changes I've been making would make a difference, and it may have. Maybe its not twice the number it is because of what I've been doing. BUT, I really want to kick this into gear and see if genetics is going to win here. There is a GREAT chance it will, but how will I know if I don't become one of those food people? I'm kind of heart broken over it. I didn't want to change my eating habits. I eat so much more stinkin' salad, and so much less cheese...sigh. I bring my lunch (most days) now...yes, a salad (most days).

Sooooo, I have some new pumpkin recipes to try out. It's a "super food" and is supposed to help lower the bad guy. Quinoa pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin apple soup...not together. Also some apple recipes...chicken apple quesadillas, apple slices with peanut butter and pumpkin seeds. If they're any good, I'll post them.

I've broken the news to Kevin...that we have to become those food people. In my subtle and docile ways (cough, cough) I explained that he said "I do" and I need support, so he is, by default, along for the ride. HE ROCKS! He said, "I do need to lose weight. Ey, sure, why not." He did promise me he would never actually hug a tree...phew!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Looking For An Event

So, I guess it's time I become "one of those people." You know the people I'm talking about. The event people. Now, don't get me wrong...I understand these events usually raise money for very good causes. Not sure why I'm so opposed to becoming one of those people, but I've already become a gym person. Oy vey with the new labels!! JK!

I've found this website that shows the local stuff for 2012.
(Ok, and not being the best at blogging, I haven't quite figured out how to make the web address a link to the website. Be patient...knowledge will come to those who blog)

There's always the Turkey Trots across Texas during Thanksgiving. This one being in Houston, where I spend most Thanksgivings.

Maybe I should find a cause I am into, and do it that way. Obviously, I would be interested in raising money for SEVERAL things including, ovarian cancer, diabetes, heart health, adoption, suicide prevention, etc, etc, etc. Seem to be quite a few around, so let me consult with my social advisor, and revisit this topic soon.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jersey Shore Meets Euless, TX

It just never gets old! Guys at the gym make me laugh so hard, I feel like I've had another core workout. I needed to continue my quest to work off those saddlebags, which are exercises on the floor mat. A bunch of meat-heads were over there literally lifting up their shirts comparing abs. Not that they were bad to look at, but the conversation could have been understood by a gnat!

"Dude! Look at this! (showing off abs)"
"Dude! I hear metabolism slows at 30 and we lose all this."
"Dude! I'm 18! This ain't goin' anywhere!"
"Dude! I'm tellin' ya, if we don't keep it up, it's all going away."
"Dude! No way!"

Since I was already on the floor, I was literally ROFL (on the inside, of course). Since they were taking up the ENTIRE mat admiring themselves, I just plopped down smack in the middle of them and started my thing. Oh, I got some looks. I wanted to say, "Yes boyz, this is what After-30 looks like" and freak 'em out, but I figured my radiant cellulite was already taking its toll on their baby eyes. My inner-narcissist will take pride knowing I inspired them to continue their quest for high metabolism.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Round

Get your popcorn ready! There are a few things to report today.

Pappasitos was a HUGE success!! It's a bit blurry, but you get the picture :-)

I went another round with Killer today. She thought core exercises would be best...SURE! WHY NOT! I was laying on my back, holding 5lb weights in each hand. The task was to lift my legs straight up in the air, and lift my body (with the 10lb total) to meet my legs there in the middle. Here's what it's supposed to look like (add weights in the hands):

What actually happened, though, was that I rolled on over to the left...sigh! How is I keep losing balance when I'm already on the ground???!!! I did, then, find my balance, and stay in one place after that. GEESH!! She says, "Your core needs to get stronger." You think?! LOL!!

I didn't go to the gym yesterday, so I stuck around a bit longer for cardio today. While on the treadmill, I look out and see this 80ish looking Grandma out there pushing weights!! GO GRANNY!!! She had on a cute pink top to match her cute pink pants and shoes. Hysterically awesome!! She and The Mick need to meet! Maybe not...he's married.

Also, I would like to mention that of all the muscle groups, my calf muscles get the most angry when worked on. Arms, core, chest, back, other legs parts, just get sore and achey. I now know why all those workout people walk funny. It's not a funky strut of maladaptive's calf pain! It's like knives shooting through my legs. I can't even straighten my legs to walk without some sincere effort. And then that effort continues. I can initially stand on my tip-toes, and work REAL HARD to get flat footed. It's one foot at a time. Granted this only lasts a couple hours, but man-OH-man, it's a rough couple of hours!

Ok, that's a lot already. If I'm getting antsy typing, maybe you're getting antsy reading.

Later taters!

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Real...And It's SPECTACULAR!!!


It's Real...
All the changes, all the struggle, all the vegetables, all the appointments with The Mick (and the few others), all the new recipes, all of the agonizing "good decisions" at restaurants, all the grocery shopping, all the hours prepping for the week to make sure I eat right...that's what's real!

...And It's SPECTACULAR!!!
Went to the doc for my checkup, and I no longer have to take my blood pressure medication!!! He even clapped for me :-) I've been having these dizzy spells. First thing he did was check my ears for sinus-y stuff, and there was nothing. My blood pressure was normal, and I've been off the medication for about a week. He thinks I was getting dizzy with the medication, because it was taking the pressure too low. YES!!!!! I DID IT!! The exercise has paid off!! What a HUGE blessing, considering my family history!!!

Also, I've been off the cholestoral medication for about 3 weeks. Since I made all the food changes, he is checking to see the "true" results, and hoping to take me off that as well!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!! EXTREMELY HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!

I said, "I guess I shouldn't go celebrate with a huge bowl of queso." He said, "Sure you can...if it's just once." SURE I CAN!!! Now, who has the best queso??? In my humble opinion...Pappasitos, here I come!!

So, that's at least TWO medications I've come off of since I started this blog...thyroid and blood pressure, both exercise related! Thank you, Lord!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh yes...I'm going there!

Reason #856 to stress eat...HURT FEELINGS!!! Yes, this is a bit deep, so here's your chance to exit if you wish. For those who have stayed, I'm upset, so there ya go! I'll try to be a bit discrete, but man, am I frustrated! There are certain times in my life, like now, where I don't fit the "norm" of what "should" be going on. Whoever created this "norm" is on my hit list. Some people who don't fit this "norm" have the luxury of keeping the "abnormal" private. I, however, do not! Whoever thinks they are such the better person because they are in this "norm" (or privately abnormal) is oblivious to pretty much everything, I've decided! When is it ok to just be? When is it ok to not have "EVERYTHING" "EVERYONE ELSE" has? When is it good enough to play the cards I've been dealt? (Which I think I play quite well, thank you very much!) IT'S NEVER ENOUGH!! I'm tired of it. I'm frustrated by it. Quite frankly, it's exhausting! Then, when I'm tired, frustrated, and exhausted...I want Taco Bueno! If I go get Taco Bueno, then I feel guilty, which isn't exactly the best feeling to add to the mix. Then, I'm mad all over again!

So, I'm taking this stand, via this blog, that I can sort-of hide behind, but not really. The stand is this...PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD AND PURE...Think of the people around you. Think of how your words and actions may impact the people around you. THINK, for goodness sake, THINK! Think how what you are saying and doing, or not saying and not doing, might actually be hurting the people around you, PLEASE!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!

Thank you, and good night!

Monday, August 29, 2011

He's BACK!

The Mick is back from his 3 week cruise, so when I see him tonight I expect to see a mini-George Hamilton (old guy with gray hair and skin too tan for his own good). Can't wait! Also, I had this idea that I would change up my routine a bit and alternate one week with The Mick and another with The Kid. The Kid is no longer available for training!! WHAT?!?!? That didn't last long. Oh well. Wish him well. Killer is still available, so I'm going to start seeing her on Saturdays. Gotta get this stomach pooch under control, along with the sails that flap in the wind under my arms! No more flapping!!!

Had the weekend trip with the girls this past weekend. Great weekend, but I'll have to say I'm a bit disapointed in myself. Man, have I really let myself go over the past 15 years. WOW, that was deep! Sorry! Here we are after a little hike down to the rushing river! Notice I have the only messed up hair! I'm gonna take that to mean I did the most!
Ok, and I was going to post the rushing river, however the memory card just fell into an abyss in the computer!!!!! KEVIN!!!!! (he's not here right now, so we'll have to wait...sniff, sniff).

MY ARMS ARE GOING TO FALL OFF!!!! That's the good news :-) Bad news is that The Mick has to have a surgery where he can't lift anything over 10 lbs for 3 weeks! That means he ain't workin' for the next 3 weeks!!! Back to the good news...The Kid still works there, just not on the internet for some reason! So, I'll stick with The Kid and Killer for now. Hope The Mick's ok. His cruise was through the Mediterranean. How cool was that, right?!?!

I have a few more deep thoughts, as far as working out and stuff go. going to make it a new post...after dinner, of course ;-)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New People = New Nicknames!!!

Some new people at the gym who NEED nicknames!! Hulk Hogan - about 50ish, about half the size of Hulk Hogan (still a sizable guy), walks around in a mostly torn yellow t with ankle weights strapped on. Also strapped on is the seat belt to every machine he works. After he straps himself in, he battles all the weights on every machine as they lift him up in the chair...when do you think it will hit him that if he lowered the weight, he'd stay put in the chair? He's also shaved everywhere the eye can see...legs, arms, chest, you get the he's very shiney!

New trainer, since The Mick is on a cruise. We'll call him The Kid. He looks to be about 12, but I'm sure he's more like 25. He hurts me, BUT I guess no pain, no gain! I was with The Kid during a workout this week, and Creepy Monotone Guy (that needs to eat a hamburger) was at the next machine over. He says, "Don't let this be an excuse not to come to spin class on Friday." YIKES!!! HE RECOGNIZES ME!!

Other new trainer...Killer! I still can't walk with ease! She says, "What are we doing today?" I say, "How about legs." She says, "GREAT! Legs are fun!" What happened next is too traumatic to discuss...

Was able to run 10 minutes on the treadmill, in 5 minute intervals (not after Killer's workout, though!). I think the bronchitis is finally gone. Lungs aren't burning anymore during aerobic workouts, and I'm not coughing anymore afterward, PRAISE THE LORD!!! Spin class is getting a bit easier. Still kicks my butt though.

Lost the focus for eating well about Wednesday. Just comes and goes I guess. Just couldn't take anymore salad. Gonna go back to the drawing board and figure out something different.

Puttin' right along!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Size Does Matter!

I was out shopping about a month ago, and found myself in a conundrum. The size pants/shorts I'm used to buying...too big!! FINALLY, right?!? Well, then I tried on the next size smaller. Here's what happened. Are they going to make it over the saddlebags...yes! Are they going to make it over the hips...yes! Am I going to be able to button them up...YES! Spin around and take a look in the mirror...OH NO! Very huggy all over...BOO! So, although they fit over all the "areas", they surely don't look good on. Conundrum! So, while in the dressing room, I'm talking to my friend who says makes the logical statement. I will probably want to wear the clothes now, so get the bigger ones. And, my favorite comment was that when people see how baggy they are, they'll compliment me on HOW MUCH weight I've lost! Well, that did it for me :-) Bigger it is.

So, today, a month-ish later, I'm in Target grocery shopping. I'm wearing my bigger sized shorts with a belt that is cinched up to the last hole. I reach up to get a vegetable off the top shelf, and, you guessed it! Had to abruptly drop the cucumber to make sure my shorts didn't end up on the floor! HOW IS IT THAT I'M STILL NOT THE NEXT SIZE DOWN?? Maybe I am now, and can get to go shopping again :-) I thought it was pretty comical!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lifestyle Omlette

The Original Pancake House in Grapevine calls this an omlette. Whatever! I've never seen anything like it. Egg whites, broccoli, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. The egg whites are almost meringue-ish. A most facintaing breakfast concoction. I could only eat half.

Friday, August 12, 2011

You Might Be A Redneck If...

1. You've ever been fired from a construction job because of what you're wearing.
2. You've ever been in the middle of a game of pool, and given birth.
3. The only reason you have DVR is because Wrestlemania is only on while you're at work.
4. You've ever had to scrub your sister's name/number off the bathroom stall.

Yep, Creepy Monotone Guy was back teaching spin class today! These are the only ones I remember. There were more, OH YES, there were more...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ride, Sally, Ride

So...spin class...

This is just a facinating phenom to me. I've been told that you can work off up to 1000 calories in one session!! That's almost a whole day's worth of calories!!! It works every muscle in your body. Even my forearms are a little tight this morning. Amazing!

The Wednesday morning instructor is not Creepy Monotone Guy. She's a 1st grade teacher. It's more of a nurturing environment. No gross sex talk. She skips past the pop songs of today, and played some excellent 70's-80's rock-n-roll! Ya know...back when guitars used to sing too :-)

Ok, so here's the personal assessment for the week! As much as I type about all this, and as much as I seem committed on "paper", I still have a lot of work to do. Hanging out at a 10 pound loss for way too long. Need to kick it into gear. My actual goal was to lose 40 pounds. Got 30 more to go, and have for a looooong time now. It is definitely more of a commitment that I thought it was going to be. It's every meal, all day long. And yes, even on the! And yes, even when I'm out of! And yes, even when I'm hanging out with! It's going to the gym, for real, 4-5 times a week. Discipline and commitment. Crazy words, I tell ya!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Up and Coming

The place is Broken Bow
The players are rounded up

I have 3 weeks to "make this look good!" (name that movie) Added another spin class to the week's routine.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WOW...with the bronchitis! REALLY?!?!!

Let's set aside the fact that this woman looks old, angry, depressed, frumpy, and has poofy hair. Of course, that would make sense if she's been dealing with bronchitis for 8 weeks, like someone else I know! She also seems a bit more on the tan side that I will ever be. Let's focus on exhibits B and C.

Exhibit B - a good lookin' bronchial tube. That's what I want.
Exhibit C - terrible sludge. This is what I guess I have.

I CAN'T QUIT COUGHING!!!!! It's keeping me up at night again. It's making the muscles around my lungs tired and worn out. Not to mention that it makes ME tired and worn out! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?????!!!!! Ever since the kickball game, I haven't been able to shake it. I think I angered it too, along with the "moon over my hammie." Recommendations are to drink lots of fluids and take anti-inflamatories. Doing that for sure! MY recommendation...don't get bronchitis in the first place! There is just no way to "quick fix" this stuff!

Forging ahead, I go! I ain't gonna let it get me down! Maybe I'll build up the muscles around my lungs enough that I can start lifting weights with my breath. Just a thought...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Moon Over My-Hammie vs. Mellow Yellow

So, not the classic 1930's song, or the delicious plate at IHOP, "but" the the muscle that is directly over my hamstrings that is so tight it's pulling my hammie too! We won our kickball championship tonight 13-3 against the Cereal Killers!!! They have played numerous "seasons" and had never lost a game, until we played them in the regular season, 6-5. Then we met them again in the championship game tonight and beat them again. This is their first lost championship! CRAZY!! We dethroned the reigning champs! HA! (I mean...good game...). In the meaantime, one of the gluts is not exactly thrilled with the situation. And, it has decided to grab 'hold of the hammie and anger it too. NICE! Time to stretch! I leave you with a shot of the WINNING TEAM....MELLOW YELLOW!!!!

From Left to Right
Front Row: Wendy, Lauren, Matt, Kevin, Joanna, Tiffany, Reagan
Back Row: Zack, Mike, Gonzalo (Coach), Adam, Ryan, Shazad
Not pictured: Deb (Team Mom taking pic), Paige, Chris, Mindy, Lisa, Lacy

The shirt design is a kickball with wings. It's like we're kickball angels...HA!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweat Me A River

Spin class numero dos! I just can't believe how much sweating goes on. It just doesn't stop. I wipe my face off, and it's like I didn't JUST wipe my face off. It just keeps streaming down. Ridiculous amount of sweat! Shirt is like it just came out of the washer! Amazing!

So, some improvements. My legs weren't wobbly when I stepped off the bike this week. I was able to stretch afterward with minimal pain. Endurance for Katy Perry/Lady Gaga club mix was better. We even rode an "Amy Winehouse Tribute Ride." Creepy Monotone Guy (that needs to eat a hamburger) was the instructor again. He gave the quote of the that dry monotone delivery he has mastered...

"40 is the new 20. 50 is the new 30. It's not your age, it's what your body can do."

Speaking of old guys...I saw The Mick at the gym last night. He told me that if I want to train with him, it would have to be next week, because after that he and his wife are going on a 3 WEEK CRUISE!!! He won't be back until Sept 1. OH MY! So again, "It's not your age, it's what your body can do"...EEEWWWWW! LOL!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It hit me today! My name is Joanna, and I am an excuse-aholic. How annoying and lame is that!?!?! Wanna hear them? OF COURSE YOU DON'T! I don't either, for that matter! I have 4 main ones that I use to justify eating off the wagon. WOW! 4! ME! 4! I just didn't see myself as an excuse person. Self awareness is the first step to a large piece of cake...NOOOOO!!

Ok, here they are. Just so I get them out there, and face the Fab 4.
1. I'm tired
2. I'm bored
3. I'm stressed
4. I don't feel good

My now realistic answers to the Fab 4:
1. If I'm not too tired to go get the bad food, then I must also have the energy to get the good food. Same amount of energy spent.
2. Find something to do that's productive.
3. So what, don't eat! Suck it up, cupcake! Walk it off!
4. And eating bad food solves that problem how?

Nice to know what I'm doing to myself. Who knew? (If you did, let's just keep that to yourself, ok?) There are others. Oh yes, there are others. BUT, these seem to be the main ones throughout the day that "fester, fester, fester...rot, rot, rot." (Name that movie!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post-Spin Recovery

Here we are...4 DAYS since the spin class, and my quads are FINALLY not twitchy, "jello-y", fatigued, floppy, or in pain. WHEW! That was a trip! I even couldn't play in my last kickball game last night :-( My wonderful husband gave me the best advice..."Go sit in the sauna, then stretch it out." Sounds so simple...did he realize it's 110 degrees outside?!?! I did it anyway, and bada-bing, bada-boom, I have a pain free morning! ALSO, used IcyHot (IcyHeat...whatever it's called) for the first time. Uh...has anyone told those people that their product smells like Pepto on crack?? That's quite the inticing smell to have on you when it's bedtime (if you know what I mean...wink, wink).

So, when I first started stretching on Saturday, I had to have Kevin help me. I sat on the floor with my legs out in front of me, thinking I would just touch my toes for a good stretch. HA! My hammies were so mad at me that I could do nothing more than sit up straight. I had to have Kevin hold my arms and pull me forward to stretch. Also, I couldn't grab my foot when I kicked back my leg to stretch my quad. Kevin had to hand me my foot (that sounds wierd..anyway...) so I could stretch it out. Needless to say, 4 DAYS LATER, I am able to reach my toes again, sitting and kicking. YEA!!

Who wouldn't want to touch those toes? JK! Stay away from my feet!!!

Losing weight again. Good thing, there ya go. I haven't been weighing everyday. It really is just too annoying. Small problem with it though is that I thought I hadn't gained "that much" weight since I've been down and out. HA! I gained 5. Not a huge big deal, but when those 5 were so hard to lose the first time, I've got my work cut out for me.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Twitchy Quads

There they are! The culprits themselves!

Last Monday, I was playing kickball. This is not me, but I'm sure this is what I look like in action!

I did a kick like the one above, and started to run like the wind to 1st. About halfway there, my quads, BOTH OF THEM, cramped up at the SAME TIME! Needless to say, I was out. BUT, I made it on base every other time I was up...just sayin' :-) They hurt for like a day or two, and no problems. Then, I did spin class yesterday!

You can just presume that one is me...LOL! I could hardly hardly move this morning to get out of bed! Ouch-y-mama!! I have another kickball game on Monday, so I'll be doing a bunch of stretching between now and then!