Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seeing Results

I was going to call this post "Haters" because there has been this influx lately of people giving me grief about what I'm doing. They are all people from work. I'll be eating my salad and friut and whatnots, and some of my coworkers really give me a hard time about it. "You're eating healthy again...why?" "What's with all that health food?" Blah, blah, blah... Now, there are other coworkers who are mindful of what they eat as well, so that's good. But, I'm just surprised at the flack I get for eating better and going to the gym after work.

Then, today at church, I was told 3 times that I'm lookin' good :-) Just yesterday I was noticing that my lower back and sides are trimming makes my butt look like it's standing out. Not sure how I feel about my butt waiving hello to everyone, but I'm sure it will catch up with the rest of it eventually. Kevin commented that he really likes the results he's seen over the past couple of months. He thought trainers were gimicky, but he's noticed that I'm actually learning how to work out, even when The Mick isn't around. He even signed up for his free training session.

So, let the haters be haters. I'm seeing results, and apparently "lookin' good" ;-)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Fell...

...while I was already on the floor...AGAIN! Just when I think I've made some good progress, The Mick finds something new...

On the floor mat doing ab work, and he has me find my "center of gravity" while sitting on my butt, with my legs up, knees pulled into my chest. Once found, the THEN wants me to stretch out my legs and then bring them back in, never touching the floor with my feet.

First attempt - my feet made a "thud" sound as they hit the floor in front of me.
Second attempt - I tried to keep that "center of gravity" however there was this slow roll to the right happening.
Third attempt - rolled backwards, he pushed me back to upright
Fourth attempt - oh yeah, there wasn't a fourth attempt...he gave up on me, and we just did regular sit-ups. Can't win 'em all...LOL!

I did my monthly measuring, and I've lost about an inch in my waist, hips and thighs :-) Gaining some inches in my chest, arms, and claves...which apparently means I'm gaining muscle. Lost about 3 lbs this month, which is good because I gained 5 last month. Puttin' right along here. Last month I decided to add more cardio, and I started going 4 days a week instead of just two. My routine has been 2 days of weights and cardio, and 2 days of just cardio. I think I'm going to now try 3 days of weights and cardio, and 2 days of just cardio. This means a trip to the gym on Fridays now. Glad I have Fridays off :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keep Going...

Man, it's getting harder to want to go to the gym, because I'm always in pain. Undoing years of laziness is yicky! It seems to be getting easier to make good food choices though, so, there ya go. A couple of people told me at church today that I look "skinny." Nice to know the hard work is showing, I guess.

I was at the gym on Saturday, and I ran into The Mick. He was working out, not working. He said hi, so I went over and asked if he didn't get enough exercise during the week...yeah...he said no. I should've known...LOL! Kevin has started going to the gym more. That's a good thing :-)

Boring post...just what's on my mind though...

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sauna

Back to my observations of gym activity...

My friend, Nellie, works out at the LA Fitness in Lewisville. She told me I "HAD" to try out the sauna BEFORE my workouts.

My question: "What do you wear?"
Her answer: "Everything! Shirt, shorts, shoes, everything!"

Sounded good enough to try out, so I did, and to my surprise everyone in there was also wearing everything...PHEW!!! I was so impressed with how relaxed I was after just 5 minutes, that I have become hooked on starting that way now. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks, and everyone is always fully dressed...SUCH a relief!

Yesterday, my friend Lisa, tells me I "HAVE" to try out the sauna AFTER my workouts.

My question: "Isn't it way too hot after a workout?"
Her answer: "Wait before you go in. It REALLY helps you to not be sore later!"

Again, sounded good enough to try out. It wasn't as hot as I thought it would be, and it relaxed me, so yea! Tonight, after my workout, I do the same thing. I sat in there about 10 minutes, and on my way out...a 45-ish year old lady was walking in wearing just a towel. SO glad I was on my way out!!!!! I guess she didn't get the memo that we wear EVERYTHING in the sauna. Eeeewww!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Overcoming My Obstacles - As seen by Lisa Moore

Disclaimer: This is more of a introspective post, so if you're just interested in the funny stuff, which there is much of later, pass this post by.

Lisa Moore is a friend from church, who also goes the same gym and has worked out with The Mick. She calls him something else I can't remember, but it has to do with the pain he inflicts. Anyway, she and I had a little chat today about all this working out stuff, and pointed out a few things.

1. Working out has helped me start overcoming "bipolar week." I didn't think about it at the time. What I was thinking about was how I didn't want to hear about it from The Mick when I didn't show up for a work out. Making it to the gym twice during bipolar week, and not "hibernating" (her word) is the start of overcoming that obstacle. I disagreed with her at first, because I was so angry when I was at the gym. I didn't feel like it was doing me any good at the time. Looking back on it, I did get out of the house instead of sleeping a LOT like usual. Baby steps! It's been 16 years of doing the same thing, which is trying to hide, during bipolar week, and just eat and sleep it away. It was when she used the word "hibernating" that it struck me, that my way of dealing with it may not have always been the most productive. So...looky there...I'm doing something productive.

2. I am a cancer survivor. The anniversary of being cancer free is the positive side of bipolar week. My overeating started right after I finished my chemo treatments. I wanted so badly to not look sick anymore that I ate and ate and ate to try to look normal again. I went overboard. I still have trouble, to this day, not thinking like that. I don't want to be thin, because I might look like I'm sick = not normal. The first obstacle to overcome here is that I have a second chance at life, and if I keep eating whatever, whenever, I will not have rightfully respected the chance given to me. Eating healthy will not make me look sick. Tell that to my heart. Obstacle two: You know, my mom and dad ate/eat healthy. Their physical problems abounded/abounds. I have LOTS of mixed thoughts and feelings about eating the right thing.

Lisa and I didn't discuss all that, but that's where my thoughts went after I blurted out that as a cancer survivor I need to take better care of myself.

3. I usually have about a 6 week run at the gym, where I go regularly. Then, about the 6th week, I'm tired of hurting ALL THE TIME, and quit going. I'm in week 8 this week. Overcoming that obstacle is crazy, because I hurt ALL THE TIME, and just want a break! So...looky there...something else productive!

4. Curbing hunger right after workouts...drink green tea. That's what she says works for her anyway. I tried it tonight, and it worked long enough for me to make dinner (which was healthy), and not eat chips or something that's just filler.

5. Put sweets in the freezer. I made peanut butter chocolate chip brownies for small groups, and there is half a pan left over. I put it in the freezer, and will take them out when I take them to work. Not a bad idea...out of sight, out of mind (hopefully).

That's all for introspection with Lisa. Lots of thinking today.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Graduated To The Mat

In my first post about working out, I told the story of how The Mick said he wanted me to get to a point where I could be on the floor mat for core exercises, but for now, let's sit in a chair. Well, GUESS WHAT?!?!? This cupcake has graduated to the floor mat, baby!! Did a bunch of just regular sit-ups, then added a 10 lb weight to it. Could do all the little movements and what nots, except when I went back to the regular sit ups holding the 10 lb weight against my chest. "Hello, Cupcake!" is no longer the name of a very cool cupcake's me when I hit the brick wall of weakness! Whatev...I was on the floor mat!!! WOOHOO!!!

So, I've gained 1.5 lbs back this week. Understandable with all things considered, and my bad habits trying to rear their ugliness in the face of "bipolar week" (see last entry). I'm actually very happy with this. It's a HUGE change in the right direction for me. Just gotta keep it going.

Tonight, is a special night. K-dawg and I are going to stay at the Farimont in Dallas and have a lovely dinner at Dakota's steak house. Thinking this is going to be our last Valentine's day without kids, we are going all out :-) Can't wait! And, no, that has nothing to do with working out or eating right, but I thought I'd add it anyway :-)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BiPolar Week

This week has been dubbed "BiPolar Week" by myself as a result of a very horrible circumstance followed by a very terrific circumstance many years ago. Because of this being a very emotional week for me, I usually just eat my way through the whole thing, not caring, because I'm just trying so hard to be strong and make it through the week for another year. And, food seems to be the only constant "happy" thing for me during this time.

This year, I made some changes. First, instead of "being strong", I decided to let myself feel the emotion of the bad part. It was not as bad as I thought, and not as draining as "being strong"...go figure. I was heavy hearted for about 24 hours. I allowed myself to talk to Kevin about what I was feeling, and by the grace of God, he is one of the best listeners I know. I ate well until dinner, where I had a combo meal of lazagna, chicken parm, and corkscrew noodles with a carbonara sauce. Oh, and don't forget the blackberry sangria. I love Carrabas!!

Now, here we are today, 2 days later, with the flip side of the emotions, and usually a dinner celebration occurs involving Chili's fried cheese and molten chocolate cake...only :-) I've celebrated this way for 14 years, and this year, year 15...I ate leftovers and went to the gym. Why...because I really feel like The Mick is going to give me a hard time if I don't go to the gym. If I went to Chili's, I wouldn't have had time to go to the gym.

BUT...let's talk about these leftovers :-) Sausy brisket, AHA mac and cheese, and Bush's baked beans. Left overs from the Super Bowl party we had last weekend! Also, I had a feast at a work meeting yesterday. It was all healthy...hummus, cucumber salad, pita bread, curry chicken and rice, green beans. I ate some of all of it though, so the portion is what got me. I didn't eat dessert, or any of the candy laying around. I've eaten very heartily this week, and I'm sure the scale says it...I just haven't looked! I'm on schedule with my workouts though, so hopefully, that will help some.

OH, and let's not forget, that in the middle of bipolar week, the adoption agency called and asked if we would be willing to expand our age range from 0-6 mos to up to a one year old. Sure, why not. They wanted to know "before they spoke to the birthmom." Being considered by a birthmom just adds that "little flare" needed for bipolar week to remain the most emotional week of the year!

What a week! And tomorrow's only Thursday!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crazy Weather Week

This has been a crazy week. First of all, I was off 3 days because of very bad weather. Tuesday, there was the ice storm. By Thursday, roads were good enough to drive into work. Then, Friday, it snowed all day long. All the while, it never got above 32, and Tuesday and Wednesday never got above 20 wtih single digits at night. VERY, very cold around here, and not normally so. BUT, Kevin and I made it to the gym. It was our daily outing, which was very welcomed! It's just about a mile away, and we could see how road conditions were and see how others were handling it all. I have made it to the gym 4 days for two weeks in a row now. Don't know if I'll make it today because I have to go into work to make up for yesterday.

Lost 2 pounds this week, so tracking my eating really does help...sigh. It doesn't seem to "interfere" as much with "everything" like I perceived it to last time. There seems to be enough food to eat within the parameters. In fact, I don't always eat 1600 calories, becuase I truly get full before I reach it. I guess those days make up for days like yesterday when I celebrated my 25 year birthday of being a Christian with the ritual Chili's fried cheese, and the not so ritual Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Amazing that we went to Chili's 25 years ago after I was baptized, and then I can still have the same fried cheese today...well, yesterday. They took them off the menu last year, and I was sooooo upset. They came back around sometime during the summer I think, and we celebrated "properly" then. Glad they are still around!

The Mick comes back next week. He'll probably be all tan from his cruise,while we're all trying not to be chapped from the "winter weather storm of 2011."

Off to work I!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Confident

Still doing my workouts solo this week while The Mick is on a cruise. It's a bit more boring all by myself, however I am gaining confidence with it for sure. I decided to do free weights for my arm workout, and kept remembering what The Mick said, "Don't let these boys bother you." There were these two muscley dudes who were speaking Russian, or something that sounds Russian. They were lifting weights the size of tires on the bench right next to me. Here I am with my 5 pounder, and struggling thinking "Don't let these boys bother you." I stayed focussed and did what I came to do. I also noticed I was being watched by a couple of people. I didn't let them bother me either. I am proud that I was able to do the workout on my own. Not something I've ever done before...the "on my own" part. Yea!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Egg

I had NO idea how much cholestoral was in just one egg. 200 mg, and my limit for each day is supposed to be 240. So, two eggs with yolks in almost doubles my limit for the day.

Last night for dinner, I took out the steaks I bought over the weekend, and they were stinky and almost black. I was VERY upset about this on SEVERAL different levels. First, $25 in the trash!! Second, I had been so proud of my meal planning for this week, and now I had to change and improvise "johnny on the spot." Not my strongest attribute :-) I rummaged through what we had in the fridge, cuz with 12 degree weather with ice everywhere, I was not going to the store...frustration number 3. I had eggs and turkey sausage. Now, the sausage only has 9 mg of chol. COME ON!!! SAUSAGE??? The sirloin I was going to make only has 60ish mg, and that little bitty teeny weenie egg has soooo much more!! Anyway, so that's what I had, and that's what I made. Tonight will be the same, because the weather hasn't changed, and I admit I'm too scared of the ice to venture out. I may have done better with Domino's delivery...the cheesy bread has only 5mg of chol. and 6 grams of fat. LOL!!

Well, we did make it to the gym yesterday, and the grocery store is about the same distance...a little futher, and across the freeway though. We'll see.

Glad today is a rest day for working out. My calf muscles are super angry today ;-)