Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bronchitis: Day 8

Oh Yeah! I said Day 8! I feel much better than death warmed over, like I have for 7 of 8 days. I still don't feel like leaving the couch just yet. One would think that when one took off for two weeks from work that there would be a fun-in-the-sun trip to Aruba, or a relaxing Carribean cruise, or maybe even a trip to Europe. NOPE! Not me! I go all out, and sit on the couch :-) This has happened to me twice in the last two years. Each time taking up two weeks. WOW! Who wants to see the pics???

On a side note, Kevin is in a boot for the next 3 weeks at least, maybe up to 8. Then, some PT so he can get his strength back in his torn calf muscle. Our roof guys are scheduled to come back on Monday to finish the job they half-finished and left 3 weeks ago. A check from the insurance company to cover the broken pipe repair "should be here next week." Dad is back to work, and doing just fine. Chaos is finding resolve...DON'T TELL ANYONE!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I didn't realize it was raining...

...until it started pouring! What a crazy couple of weeks! I was supposed to take last week off from work for some "personal" time following some bad news on the adoption front. I did take last week off, and had a great time at my cousin's graduation party in Houston. I went to Schliterbahn and slid down some scary stuff. Went to Kemah and ate at Joe's Crab Shack on the pier. Even had Blue Bell birthday cake ice cream in a sprinkled chocolate dipped waffle cone...YUM!! Got to have lunch with some of my family and friends from high school. Then, here's a list of what happened next:

1. While to roofers were taking off our roof, they jostled the pipes leading into our guest bathroom. Pipes busted and sent water into our bathroom, hallway, and what will be the baby room. 3 days of industrial dryers and humidifiers to get the carpets and pads taken care of, and left with a 2' x 4' hole in our guest bathroom wall for the guy to fix the pipe.

2. Then, I get a call from my dad that he is going to have a heart procedure on Thursday, and he asked me to stay, since I was already in Houston. Of course I did, and when they did the procedure, they found a 90% blockage. They fixed it, and sent him on his way.

3. Literally, 5 minutes after my dad called about his stuff, Kevin calls about having busted his calf muscle in the kickball game. Keep in mind, I'm in Houston, and can't do anything to help.

4. Then, immediately after my dad's procedure, I developed bronchitis, that has latched on and won't let go. By the grace of God, I was able to drive home on Saturday. Now, after 5 days of running a low grade fever, and feeling like an elephant backed up and sat on me, or maybe a donkey kicked me, or maybe a dump truck ran me over, or perhaps more like LeBron James (the beating part...I don't feel defeated just yet...haha), I'm ready for this crap to be over.

My "natural girlish figure" is ready to get out and about. CSI marathons only entertain for so long. Although, I wonder how it is that I can watch so many, and hardly see one I've seen before. Must be a ton of them.'s my anniversary much for celebrating. All I want is to 1. stop coughing, and 2. feel better!!!