Monday, January 31, 2011

Mick is on a Cruise

So, The Mick is on a cruise and he told me last week that he's "looking forward to seeing what I've done while he's gone." UGH! So, today I went out on my own, and repeated exactly what we did last Monday. I was able to do more reps this week, and I had better control of my "side hops" (don't ask, hard to explain). So, there ya go. I don't think the excuse of this huge winter weather storm, where they are predicting 80+ hours of below freezing temps is going to be acceptable. We'll see though...if it's bad, I ain't goin'!

I'm glad I have my eating under control again. Feels good to have that back in action, knowing what to eat and when. It helps my inner Monica to have control of something :-)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 Days in a Row

So, I'm back to eating 1600 calories again. Also, went back to eating at home on Sunday for lunch. I LOVE the crock pot! I was really satisfied with and proud of lunch. It was the AHA version of chicken caccitore with rice, a veggie meddley of green beans, artichokes, mushrooms and tomatoes, and salad. And for Sunday afternoon nap :-) This was all in lue of eating at the fellowship meal at church. They were having bbq sandwhiches, and although I missed going for the fellowship, I was proud for resisting the food.

This week, I'm on my own at the gym. The Mick is on a cruise with his high school buddies for the week! I'm sure it won't be as entertaining, but he said he was going to see what I did when he got back. Don't want to be in trouble now. I went 4 times this week, so I'm getting there. Mr. Quite Bulky said he'd like to see me there 5 days a week. Working on it!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blackberry App

I downloaded the Livestrong calorie counter app that syncs with the website I've been using. Way cool! Can track the food anytime now, anywhere.

Also, my body is not liking the addition of the cardio into this exercise routine. I'm just sayin...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Some Thoughts

Maybe I went down a size before I went to the gym. My measurements didn't change in a month, which is why Mr. Quite Bulky gave me the lecture about coming more for the cardio workouts. Maybe when I lost the weight, I lost the size? I haven't been shopping since last spring, so it's entirely possible.

Is my whole life going to be this eating/working out thing? I feel like it's all consuming. When does it not taste like sweet crack when drinking a Dr. Pepper. I had one for the first time in a LONG time today, and WOW, that stuff is good! Some people say they don't even like stuff like that anymore after they have made all these changes, so either they lie, or they lie. So, when is it no longer the mental exercise of making the decision each time I'm hungry to not eat this or that, and just a natural response to what's ordinary? When does it change from asking myself if I'm going to the gym, to just saying I am? Longer than 7 months, I do know that.

I notice my energy level is picking up, and quite frankly, I don't know what to do with it. Crazy to think that I don't know what to do now that I feel like doing stuff. Ironically, I will probably work on my bakery concept more.

I am going on another 40 mile bike ride! This makes me happy!! May 21st is the big day, and yea!

So, what's got me thinking is that I had a scare today, that's not exactly over. I've been dizzy for about a week and a half, and it's scaring me. The doc did an EKG today, which was, THANK GOD, normal. She ran some blood work, an MRI of my head, and an inner ear test. Inner ear was swollen, so at her advice, I'm taking Mucinex to see if I'm dizzy because of sinus drainage. No other results are back yet. My blood pressures have been normal for the past week, which is great. It's just scarey to think that there might be this genetic clock that going to go off, and there is no way to stop it. And, that the doc ran tests today as if this were so. I'm 36. My dad was 37 when he had a quadruple bypass, and my grandmother 38 with a brain anurysm. I don't want a turn. I hope this is an inner ear infection of sorts, and I can quit stressing out about this. The whole reason for all of this (the change in diet, the exercising, the blogging, the entire lifestyle change) is to fight all of this. But...what if? What if genetics says it's coming, and that's that? Ugh...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Steroids?? Me?? LOL, Yeah Right!!!

So, I was getting measured tonight, and the first thing that got measured was my neck. The Mick is not The Measurer, it's some other dude that's about 7 ft tall, and quite bulky. Anyway, my neck went up half and inch. Keep in mind that I have a thyroid with a mind of it's own, and when it is acting up, it swells up. This is my internal explaination of the bigger's what comes out of my mouth:

Mr. Quite Bulky: Huh? Your neck is up by half and inch.
Me: Oh, that's just the steroids kicking in.
Mr. Quite Bulky: (Silence) (Glaring, evil look)
Me: I'm just kidding! Do I really look like I'm a person that takes steriods?
Mr. Quite Bulky: Well, you better not be. (insert glaring, evil look)
Me: Trust me! I'm not!!

Lesson learned - NEVER joke about taking steriods with Mr. Quite Bulky, or probably anyone else who works at a gym. Mental note has been taken...GEESH!!

After the measurements were taken, I got a lecture from Mr. Quite Bulky about how I don't come the gym enough. If you've read the entry just before this one, you will know that I already know this. So, maybe that was the "focus" I was looking for. They suggest 5 days a week...3 wieght lifting days, and 2 cardio, with 2 days rest every week. Deep breath.....oh yeah...exhale....

Also, The Mick just says so many things during my workouts, that I just can't let them go undocumented.

First, he's having to increase his cardio workouts because part of his job at the gym is going to be teaching aerobics classes! Dude is 77 yrs old and teaching aerobics!!! He's a little nervous about it...poor guy! WHATEVER!!! Suck it up, Cupcake...LOL!

Then, at the risk of sounding riskay (turning into a bit of a PG-13 here)...there's this machine that works out your inner thighs. You start sitting up on the machine with your legs bent and spread out, then with weight resistance, you bring your knees together. You can adjust the part of the machine your legs move. Evidently, people of my cupcakiness, can only adjust it out to a 5 or 6. I went straight to 7. He literally said, "Wow! I've never seen anyone in your shape be able to spread it out so far." PLEASE, tell me what I'm supposed to say to that?!?!?!!!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!! Who knew the gym had so many inuendos. I mean, I guess I could have figured that out, but I'm such an innocent girl...LOL!!! He went straight into the explaination about the 5s and 6s. Thank goodness!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Big Push!

Sounds like I'm giving birth...I may be when this is all said and done...LOL! I've really got to start hunkerin' down with my attitude. I need to sincerely give this working out gig a fair shake, and not just talk about how great it would be if this, or that, or whatever. Its' definatly more work than I expected. It definately hurts more than I expected. It is breaking up my former routine more than I expected. All that to say, I need to focus more than expected. My instructor in culinary school had a knack for noticing when I would lose my focus on things. I'm sure she wouldn't be surprised that I'm losing focus here too. I had to buy a stop watch to beep at me in school, so I would remember what I was supposed to be doing in the kitchen ( and yes, this was just 2 years ago). I should find something, or make a small goal with this, or something that keeps me focused like that stop watch did. I will be thinking that over...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Down a Size!!!

Intersting little fact...I've gained 4 pounds since I started working out, and I'm down a size! I have started noticing little differences in the way I look, but they are so little that I think I am the only one that can tell at this point. I went shopping and thought...Let's see if I can fit in the ??s. I DID!!! I bought 2 new pair of pants in this new size that I am not willing to share at this point. I'm so happy :-) So, now I don't know if I should be concerned about gaining weight, or not.

Also, not the best week at the gym. The Mick got sick! He cancelled on one of my sessions, and did I go anyway and do my own thing...uh...negative, ghost rider. Then, I could have gone today...but didn't. I was supposed to get measured again...didn't :-) So, I'll try give it a better try next There are just so many things that compete for my time, that seem like much better fun than going to the gym and beating myself up. Mind over matter has definately NOT kicked in yet.

I am down a size...did I mention that???

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taking It Up A Notch

I've decided I am a cupcake. I am so much weaker than I thought I was, and there ain't nothing like a 77 yr old man to prove that to you. This week, he took it up a notch working out my arms, and when I got home on Monday, I couldn't make dinner. Then, on Thursday, I worked my core so much that I had a repeat of Monday. I couldn't even get up off the big chair for a couple of hours. I just get all twitchy and spasmy and floppy feeling. BUT, I could do the floor exercises without losing my balance, so I guess twitchy, spasmy, and floppy eventually end up ok.

Also, he told me I don't breathe correctly. I was like...whatever dude, I can breathe. Basically, I've been breathing using my stomach muscles, not my diaphram. He had me hold in my stomach, keeping it still, while I use my diaphram to breathe. And...wha'da'ya' was TOTALLY different. I take in so much more air!!! I have more energy. Now, I still have to focus on this change, but I'm sure it will become more natural. I can totally tell when I'm not doing it right, because now I know I'm not getting enough air. WHO KNEW!?!?

I haven't lost any weight yet, but I probably need to go to the gym more than twice a week to make that happen...LOL! It's all in the details. I had gone three times for the past couple of weeks, but this week it didn't happen. And in my best whiney voice, I say Change is hard!! Whaaaaah!! OH...and this week it has been a month since I started. I get measured again this week...eeeeeeek!!

So, I've already been to the grocery store for this week, and plan on making dinner in advance for this week. Lots of fruits and veggies involved. I've become a new fan of putting blueberries and raspberries in yogurt. I also really like this AHA recipe for Chex mix. Trying to add more seafood, less red meat for the whole cholesterol thing. Still using the AHA cookbook, made shrimp gumbo last week...making tilapia with a tomato/caper topping this week. Also, excited about a chicken salad recipe for lunch this week.

Maybe I'll go to the gym tomorrow...maybe...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mighty Mick and his Muscle T

Sounds like a rock band. Anyway, he was wearing a muscle shirt. If you've never seen a 77 yr old man wearing a muscle shirt, who actually had the muscles to show off, go to LA Fitness in Bedford! I was impressed and wanted to laugh all at the same time. He's got the veins popping out over the biceps, and the wrinkly skin to cover it all. And...he's always smiling. Thought it was funny!

Now, it's my turn to be funny. We were doing core exercises on the floor mat. I was laying on my side, raising up both legs at the same time. After about three leg raises, I rolled over backwards...OOPS!!!

The Mick: "Are you ok? Are you feeling dizzy? Do you need to take a break?"

Me: (laughing) "No. I just lost my balance." (remember...I was already on the floor. Not much balance left to lose!!)

The Mick: "Place your arm in front and lean on it. Eventually, you'll be able to hold yourself up, but for now, use your arm."

Me: (inner voice) "HOLY COW!!!! I can't even hold myself up!!! This is going to be a looooooonnnnnnggg road!!!"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

All By Myself

Today, I took the leap. I went to the gym on my own, and followed the instructions left for me in my workout journal by The Mick. It was interesting. Different from any time before, because I actually had a plan and knew what to expect. There was no guessing what weight I could handle on this machine or that. There was no wondering if I was using the machine correctly. In the past, I've always been self conscious that the people around me can tell that I have absolutely NO IDEA what I'm doing. None of that today. Just followed the instructions. Then, when I came home, I wasn't totally wiped out. In the past, I've always worked myself to a pooped out state by the time I get home. Don't get me wrong, I'm sore and tight and not sure how I'm going to move come morning. The difference is that I still have energy. I do still have one thing that causes my self-consciousness to get stirred up and in a butt is big, and it gets accentuated in those workout capris. I know I'm not the biggest person in the gym, however my butt is big...