Monday, August 29, 2011

He's BACK!

The Mick is back from his 3 week cruise, so when I see him tonight I expect to see a mini-George Hamilton (old guy with gray hair and skin too tan for his own good). Can't wait! Also, I had this idea that I would change up my routine a bit and alternate one week with The Mick and another with The Kid. The Kid is no longer available for training!! WHAT?!?!? That didn't last long. Oh well. Wish him well. Killer is still available, so I'm going to start seeing her on Saturdays. Gotta get this stomach pooch under control, along with the sails that flap in the wind under my arms! No more flapping!!!

Had the weekend trip with the girls this past weekend. Great weekend, but I'll have to say I'm a bit disapointed in myself. Man, have I really let myself go over the past 15 years. WOW, that was deep! Sorry! Here we are after a little hike down to the rushing river! Notice I have the only messed up hair! I'm gonna take that to mean I did the most!
Ok, and I was going to post the rushing river, however the memory card just fell into an abyss in the computer!!!!! KEVIN!!!!! (he's not here right now, so we'll have to wait...sniff, sniff).

MY ARMS ARE GOING TO FALL OFF!!!! That's the good news :-) Bad news is that The Mick has to have a surgery where he can't lift anything over 10 lbs for 3 weeks! That means he ain't workin' for the next 3 weeks!!! Back to the good news...The Kid still works there, just not on the internet for some reason! So, I'll stick with The Kid and Killer for now. Hope The Mick's ok. His cruise was through the Mediterranean. How cool was that, right?!?!

I have a few more deep thoughts, as far as working out and stuff go. going to make it a new post...after dinner, of course ;-)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New People = New Nicknames!!!

Some new people at the gym who NEED nicknames!! Hulk Hogan - about 50ish, about half the size of Hulk Hogan (still a sizable guy), walks around in a mostly torn yellow t with ankle weights strapped on. Also strapped on is the seat belt to every machine he works. After he straps himself in, he battles all the weights on every machine as they lift him up in the chair...when do you think it will hit him that if he lowered the weight, he'd stay put in the chair? He's also shaved everywhere the eye can see...legs, arms, chest, you get the he's very shiney!

New trainer, since The Mick is on a cruise. We'll call him The Kid. He looks to be about 12, but I'm sure he's more like 25. He hurts me, BUT I guess no pain, no gain! I was with The Kid during a workout this week, and Creepy Monotone Guy (that needs to eat a hamburger) was at the next machine over. He says, "Don't let this be an excuse not to come to spin class on Friday." YIKES!!! HE RECOGNIZES ME!!

Other new trainer...Killer! I still can't walk with ease! She says, "What are we doing today?" I say, "How about legs." She says, "GREAT! Legs are fun!" What happened next is too traumatic to discuss...

Was able to run 10 minutes on the treadmill, in 5 minute intervals (not after Killer's workout, though!). I think the bronchitis is finally gone. Lungs aren't burning anymore during aerobic workouts, and I'm not coughing anymore afterward, PRAISE THE LORD!!! Spin class is getting a bit easier. Still kicks my butt though.

Lost the focus for eating well about Wednesday. Just comes and goes I guess. Just couldn't take anymore salad. Gonna go back to the drawing board and figure out something different.

Puttin' right along!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Size Does Matter!

I was out shopping about a month ago, and found myself in a conundrum. The size pants/shorts I'm used to buying...too big!! FINALLY, right?!? Well, then I tried on the next size smaller. Here's what happened. Are they going to make it over the saddlebags...yes! Are they going to make it over the hips...yes! Am I going to be able to button them up...YES! Spin around and take a look in the mirror...OH NO! Very huggy all over...BOO! So, although they fit over all the "areas", they surely don't look good on. Conundrum! So, while in the dressing room, I'm talking to my friend who says makes the logical statement. I will probably want to wear the clothes now, so get the bigger ones. And, my favorite comment was that when people see how baggy they are, they'll compliment me on HOW MUCH weight I've lost! Well, that did it for me :-) Bigger it is.

So, today, a month-ish later, I'm in Target grocery shopping. I'm wearing my bigger sized shorts with a belt that is cinched up to the last hole. I reach up to get a vegetable off the top shelf, and, you guessed it! Had to abruptly drop the cucumber to make sure my shorts didn't end up on the floor! HOW IS IT THAT I'M STILL NOT THE NEXT SIZE DOWN?? Maybe I am now, and can get to go shopping again :-) I thought it was pretty comical!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lifestyle Omlette

The Original Pancake House in Grapevine calls this an omlette. Whatever! I've never seen anything like it. Egg whites, broccoli, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. The egg whites are almost meringue-ish. A most facintaing breakfast concoction. I could only eat half.

Friday, August 12, 2011

You Might Be A Redneck If...

1. You've ever been fired from a construction job because of what you're wearing.
2. You've ever been in the middle of a game of pool, and given birth.
3. The only reason you have DVR is because Wrestlemania is only on while you're at work.
4. You've ever had to scrub your sister's name/number off the bathroom stall.

Yep, Creepy Monotone Guy was back teaching spin class today! These are the only ones I remember. There were more, OH YES, there were more...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ride, Sally, Ride

So...spin class...

This is just a facinating phenom to me. I've been told that you can work off up to 1000 calories in one session!! That's almost a whole day's worth of calories!!! It works every muscle in your body. Even my forearms are a little tight this morning. Amazing!

The Wednesday morning instructor is not Creepy Monotone Guy. She's a 1st grade teacher. It's more of a nurturing environment. No gross sex talk. She skips past the pop songs of today, and played some excellent 70's-80's rock-n-roll! Ya know...back when guitars used to sing too :-)

Ok, so here's the personal assessment for the week! As much as I type about all this, and as much as I seem committed on "paper", I still have a lot of work to do. Hanging out at a 10 pound loss for way too long. Need to kick it into gear. My actual goal was to lose 40 pounds. Got 30 more to go, and have for a looooong time now. It is definitely more of a commitment that I thought it was going to be. It's every meal, all day long. And yes, even on the! And yes, even when I'm out of! And yes, even when I'm hanging out with! It's going to the gym, for real, 4-5 times a week. Discipline and commitment. Crazy words, I tell ya!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Up and Coming

The place is Broken Bow
The players are rounded up

I have 3 weeks to "make this look good!" (name that movie) Added another spin class to the week's routine.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WOW...with the bronchitis! REALLY?!?!!

Let's set aside the fact that this woman looks old, angry, depressed, frumpy, and has poofy hair. Of course, that would make sense if she's been dealing with bronchitis for 8 weeks, like someone else I know! She also seems a bit more on the tan side that I will ever be. Let's focus on exhibits B and C.

Exhibit B - a good lookin' bronchial tube. That's what I want.
Exhibit C - terrible sludge. This is what I guess I have.

I CAN'T QUIT COUGHING!!!!! It's keeping me up at night again. It's making the muscles around my lungs tired and worn out. Not to mention that it makes ME tired and worn out! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?????!!!!! Ever since the kickball game, I haven't been able to shake it. I think I angered it too, along with the "moon over my hammie." Recommendations are to drink lots of fluids and take anti-inflamatories. Doing that for sure! MY recommendation...don't get bronchitis in the first place! There is just no way to "quick fix" this stuff!

Forging ahead, I go! I ain't gonna let it get me down! Maybe I'll build up the muscles around my lungs enough that I can start lifting weights with my breath. Just a thought...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Moon Over My-Hammie vs. Mellow Yellow

So, not the classic 1930's song, or the delicious plate at IHOP, "but" the the muscle that is directly over my hamstrings that is so tight it's pulling my hammie too! We won our kickball championship tonight 13-3 against the Cereal Killers!!! They have played numerous "seasons" and had never lost a game, until we played them in the regular season, 6-5. Then we met them again in the championship game tonight and beat them again. This is their first lost championship! CRAZY!! We dethroned the reigning champs! HA! (I mean...good game...). In the meaantime, one of the gluts is not exactly thrilled with the situation. And, it has decided to grab 'hold of the hammie and anger it too. NICE! Time to stretch! I leave you with a shot of the WINNING TEAM....MELLOW YELLOW!!!!

From Left to Right
Front Row: Wendy, Lauren, Matt, Kevin, Joanna, Tiffany, Reagan
Back Row: Zack, Mike, Gonzalo (Coach), Adam, Ryan, Shazad
Not pictured: Deb (Team Mom taking pic), Paige, Chris, Mindy, Lisa, Lacy

The shirt design is a kickball with wings. It's like we're kickball angels...HA!