Monday, December 26, 2011

Who Knew I Could Do This An ENTIRE Year

I started training with "The Mick" a year ago already! I had a couple of breaks in my routine throughout the year because of health issues, but I didn't quit, which had been my way of life before this year.

Here are some observations:

1. I'm EXACTLY the same weight I was this time last year...LOL!

2. One of my trainers is a dirty old man, while the other appears to have been trained by the KGB as a killer.

3. I'm not afraid of all the crazy freaks that kiss their biceps goodnight before bed anymore, and will proudly lift my 15 lb weights next to them any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

4. I was WAY more out of shape than I expected.

5. I can do WAY more than I expected.

6. "Change" is the worst word in the English to "Discipline" of course...bah!

Some accomplishments:

1. No more thyroid medication

2. No more blood pressure medication

3. Lost 2 sizes in my waist.

4. Successfully changed many bad eating habits.

My one and only goal:


Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Answer? Let's Hope So

I went 16 years without being in the hospital. This is a HUGE accompishment for me. But, alas, the streak is over. My stomach was hurting so bad this week, I just couldn't take it anymore. I went to my doc, who said to go to the ER to get admitted. UGH!! BOO!! But I did. When it was time to admit me the hospital was so full, I went to this holding area. It was blocked off by curtains, and I was so high on morphine, that it didn't bother me at all. I heard so many interesting things through the curtains. One lady cursed every time her IV machine beeped. Another poor lady had had a stroke, and was very weepy (very sad). One woman had a blood clot and was trying to convince the docs to let her go home so she could go to her Christmas party. (If you don't know, if the blood clot moves, it could go to your heart or head and KILL YOU...that didn't seem to bother her! CRAZY!!)

I made up for the CT scan I didn't have last week with another round of contrast. This time though, it tasted like syrupy Crystal Light. Not false advertising this time...see
And these people were able to find a vein for the IV and several blood tests. Those other guys last week were morons!!

Anyway, bottom line is everything looked normal. The surgeon said he wasn't confident that the gall bladder was the problem, and it seemed more muscular in nature. It's like a muscle spasm in my stomach wall that won't let go. He gave me a MILD muscle relaxer to "break the cycle", and GUESS's working! My first meal, after not eating for the first 24 hours of my lovely hospital stay, was graham crackers and chocolate ice cream..can't beat that!! I've had 4 real meals since then with no pain whatsoever. This is incredibly exciting for me. I'm off for the next two weeks from work, so I will be resting in a winter wonderland of complete meals trying NOT to gain back each of the 10 pounds that I've lost...eeek!

Friday, December 9, 2011

God Fills Holes


I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with my stomach. Still having pain when I eat, so they are still running tests. Today's adventure was a CT scan. To prep for it I had to drink bari-Yum...NOT! They gave me two bottles with deceptive labels...Creamy Vanilla Smoothie and Apple Smoothie.

I had apple for my bedtime snack, and vanilla for breakfast. As if that wasn't bad enough, THEN the chaos ensued! To have a CT scan you have to have an IV, so they can inject the dye that lights up the desired test spot. As the tech was "trying to find a vein", he was also updating me on current events and told me he was "like a bartender without the drinks." After 4 sticks, and 4 misses (go figure, since current events were more important than his job today), I got up and refused the scan. I'm sure I don't have to explain the pain I endured in my hand, wrists, and arm. I marched over to my doc's office, issued a complaint, and told them I would redo the scan but NOT at the same place. Needless to say, they were MORE than understanding and helpful.

I decided to go to IHop for some French toast. I was feeling alone, angry, in pain, and really wished I had someone with me. I thought going somewhere where I could at least people watch would help settle me some. About halfway through my meal the waitress says to me, "Your ticket is taken care of today in hopes of a Merry Christmas." I said, "SERIOUSLY?!?!?!!!" She smiled real big and walked away. I'm thinking, "Do I know someone here?" "Is this a random IHop holiday thing?" "Is this a joke?" "Do I look homeless today, and in need of a meal?" I start looking around, trying not to look obvious, but of course, how could I! I see an older lady looking at me from across the way, and she says "Merry Christmas" and walks away. Talk about getting all misty-eyed, and being filled with peace...WOW! God filled my hole with generosity, grace, peace, mercy, love, and the comfort of knowing everything was going to be ok.

May I highly reccommend people watching at IHop ;-)