Monday, October 31, 2011

Reality Revival

I've been eating the same food for months now, and decided it was time to mix it up! I haven't really built a portfolio of new heatlhy foods, just stuck eating the same ones over and over and over. Sooo, not wanting to buy a gimicky diet cookbook, I settled on reality tv instead!! Sounds VERY rational to me!

The Biggest Loser cookbook is FANTASTIC!!! The contestants have turned their normal favs into heatlhy alternatives. Using humus instead of refried beans and pita instead of chips for nachos. A noodleless lazagna using egg whites, ricotta, spinach, and a very tasty marinara. Making a wrap out of a PB&J. Nutritional facts are included with each recipe. That's what I'm talking about! Normal food with a twist. There is hope for the conditioned mind, yes, there is hope...

(hoping this isn't a copyright infringement...this is what the front of the cookbook looks like if you want to join the fun)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Burn It Up!!

Ok, I lost 3 lbs this week...woohoo. Then why am I so overwhelmed with it all again? I want to crawl under the covers again, and hide for about a month. Anyway, here's the latest from the greatest...The Mick:

The Mick: Do you want to know how to lose weight?

Me (thinking this is a trick question): Sure

The Mick: I say eat anything you want. All this hype about these diets is a bunch of bologna. Go ahead and eat chicken fried steak, cheeseburgers, heck, anything you want.

Me (waiting for the punch line): Ok??

The Mick: BURN IT UP!! When I was your age, I was running 20 miles a day, eating whatever I wanted. That's the just gotta burn it up!

Me: (just shaking my head in disbelief thinking...OH! OK! What am I doing here...I gotta go run, Forrest!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

20 lbs And Counting

First, I would like to pat myself on the back (pat, pat, pat). Although, I'm still working on finding a steady schedule for the gym, I have overcome my unwillingness to go. (pat, pat, pat). I'm there usually 4 times a week now, and get upset when I don't make it. I even rearrange my schedule if I know I won't be able to make a "normal" time. WHO AM I??? Anyway...pat, pat, pat.

Next hurdle...weight loss! AAAAAHHHHHHKKKKKK!!!!! I'm sorry, what did I just say??? Oh yeah, weight loss..BOO on that! Why I keep choosing the holiday seasons to start these endeavors, I have NO idea! I have been the exact same weight for the past 10 months. I have been mainly focusing on gym stuff, and somewhat focusing on food stuff. I think I have enough of a routine going at the gym, to switch up the focus. Gym on the side on the front burner. OH...not to actually burn the food though...blech :-)

CONFESSION TIME (and I did get new clothes over the weekend, thank you very much!):
I've lost the motivation for all this as it pertains to my health. I really could care less when it's put in that perspective. I have found that smaller goals, that are less nebulous, suit me better. For example, meeting up with a bunch of people from college that I hadn't seen in years...that was motivation. Being able to walk the Turkey Trot and not plop...that's motivation. Going skiing with family in February...that's motivation. Training for a promotion at work, and wanting to look better for that position when the time comes...that's motivation. Not getting my butt kicked on next year's 40 mile bike ride...that's motivation.

So, let the next drama begin. I would like to lose 15 lbs by the ski trip. That's roughly 5 lbs a month...DURING THE HOLIDAYS!!!! Insane in the brain...insane in the membrane...

Here's the "weight loss tickler" I created to track said goal:

And then the additional 5 pounds by the bike ride in April...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Turkey Trot, Here I Come

I have entered my first "event." Headed where my heart is...home! I am from the BEST city in this state...Houston! So, this is where I will be for Thanksgiving, and Kevin and I have signed up for the annual Turkey Trot! Last year, we were in Houston, staying at the Aloft hotel on Westheimer. For breakfast Thanksgiving morning, we sat on the porch, ate our sandwiches, drank coffee, and watched the Trotters go by (very relaxing, btw). We decided this year we would join the crowd.

The registration fee goes to a local charity for the elderly, so that's a good thing. My high school friend is joining us, and here's how that conversation went down...(condensed version)

Me: We'll be in Houston for Thanksgiving, and doing the Turkey Trot. Wanna trot too?

Her: I should be able to do that. And we are walking right, not running???

Me: Absolutely!! And the 5K, NOT the 10K.

Her: LOL! Ok, good!

So, we will trot (or more likely saunter) through the Galleria area for 3.1 miles. I'm excited! I had always wondered about the Trot growing up. Now, I'll know :-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Athletic Prowess

Prowess is defined by google as "noun. 1. exceptional valor, bravery, or ability, especially in combat or battle. 2. exceptional or superior ability, skill, or strength" My favorite adjectives are "exceptional" and "superior", and I'm certainly drawn to the part that says "especially in combat or battle."

Yesterday, I figured it all out! I now know why it is that I have been struggling for these long 10 months of training. I now know why my muscles are always enfuego (besides the fact that they match my shoes, which are also enfuego). I have finally made it! I have made it to the level of "skill", "strength", and "ability" (athelic prowess...) where I thought I was when I started working out those many months ago. All those months of thinking, "Wow, I just really thought I was stronger than this" make perfect sense now! I am NOW at my perceived baseline, and since perception is reality...there ya go!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Strike a Pose

There's nothin' to it, VOGUE (vogue, vogue...)

Sometimes I feel happy-dancy inside, and my inner-Madonna wants to come out. Seeing as this is a Sunday, well, it'll give me a great excuse to shop for new clothes so I can make the confessional march next Sunday in style...HA! If only that cone bra still fit...HA! (I've never have one...really!)

I'm feelin' happy-dancy today, cuz that girl got what was comin' to her!! I can't really say what happened on this blog, but a few weeks ago I posted about people not watching what they say, and not realizing how what they say, or do, impacts people around you like you wouldn't believe. The instigator of this blog got her up-and-comings! I guess we all do, but I sure do like it when the shoe is on the other foot...HA! You know you like it too! It's ok, we can go shopping together!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Life's True Test Is How You Handle Plan B

One of Kevin's FB friends posted that last week, and I thought it appropriate for recent events.

Needless to say, Plan B and I have been in a dysfunctional, co-dependent relationship since birth. There have been several key life moments that have been defined by the need for Plan B. A few of them still rattle my brain, but for the most part Plan B and I dance together nicely. This week, however, if Plan B doesn't stop stepping on my toes, I'm gonna punch her in the nose :)

I had an exercise goal set. I've been working toward that goal for MONTHS!

Strike One: The trainer that was helping me with this goal, Brother Mike, well, he quit. Ok, no problem, back to The Mick.

Strike Two: Killer truly kills me every time I go. Maybe it's because I'm 37 and can't bounce back the way I used to. OR maybe it's because I'm really that out of shape, and this is the price I pay. OR maybe both! Recovery can take DAYS!! And sometimes recovery from her workouts include sleeping all day afterwards, and/or missing work due to ongoing exhaustion! BUT, because of my wanting to acheive the goal, I kept taking the punches, thinking it would be over soon.

Strike Three: The goal I had been working toward was taken away from me. Out of my control events have taken place, and BAM, goal is gone!


And, I have not handled that well this week. I cancelled all my training sessions, and haven't been to the gym once! Searching for a new goal has been difficult.

Maxine has captured my sentiment for this situation:

Monday, October 10, 2011


I thought I could just add in 3 spin classes, 1 more training session, and the hour it takes to walk to and from the gym (technically from the "Light Switch Moment" entry) to my weekly workouts, and go on as if that wasn't a HUGE change!

I'm frekin' EXHAUSTED!! (DUH!, Right?) As my energy level and physical ability gets zapped, my crankiness level goes off the chart. I've turned into a little green Hulk (without the well-defined, larger-that-life muscles, of course...ha), and "nobody likes it when I'm [cranky]!"

Let the Elimination begin! The votes have been casted and the results are in! No more Saturday training! No more Monday morning spin class! Let's try these additions a bit more slowly, and work up to a full blown regimine, shall we...geesh!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Set My House On Fire?? WHAT?!?!!

I had been training with Brother Mike for about 4 weeks when The Mick comes back to the gym from his cruise. He told me that he was going to have surgery (that he won't say for what), but don't give up on him, because he would be back. Ok, will do! He has his surgery, a couple more weeks go by, he returns. Everybody I know that works out there is wondering what kind of secret surgery he had. He tells everybody, "I can't lift more than 10 lbs" so we all, of course, think something below the belt has occured. I mean, for crying out loud, he has no reservation telling me about the fact that he is on only one medication...for his prostate!...which is "good for a 77 yr old man." GEESH! OK!!

Remember now, he's the jealous type!

First week back - He comes over to where I'm doing crunches with Brother Mike and says, "Don't get used to this guy." (insert his fake laugh here).

Second week - I'm doing arm thingy whatnots, and he walks over and says, "I don't think he's working you out hard enough." (insert evil fake laugh here)

The next session - I'm walking up to the trainer area where we log in and he says, "If you don't start training with me again, I'm going to burn down your house. I can find where you live." (insert that same creepy evil fake laugh)

DUDE! Did I just hear that right?! DUDE! I laugh back with my "just try and do something old man" fake laugh. Here's where those sympathetic to the cause would say, "Awwww...he misses you!" Yeah!

Anyway, it was then when he told me he was going to tell me what his surgery was for. OH NO, I'm thinking! Now, if I'm lying, I'm dying...and I feel pretty good right now :-) Are you ready...cuz I wasn't! He had some work done on his face and chin!!! A FACE LIFT!! Took out the bags under his eyes, and took out the "gobbler" under his chin. I kid you not, this guy is full of surprises.

Now, long story short...he has now told me his is not going to burn down my house, because I started back with him tonight. PHEW!? Also, interestingly, Brother Mike isn't working there anymore. Coincidence, or evil plot?? Hmmmm.....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Belly-floppin', Inchworm, Spread-Eagle Push-Ups

I was on the treadmill earlier in the week, on the second floor looking down at the weights area, and saw Killer doing these push-ups with her legs farther than shoulder width apart. After she'd push up, she'd take one leg and cross it under, then do the same with the other leg, then do the next push up. I thought "That there is why I call her Killer. I could never do that!"

FAMOUS LAST THOUGHTS!! Yesterday it was my turn. I was not as smooth in my delivery of said push up. What she had been doing earlier in the week was designing a crossfit workout, and I was her victim. She let me "cheat" by starting on my belly. My "push up" was more like an inchworm roll up type action. When I'd finish the leg cross part, I'd belly flop back to the floor, wondering how I was going to be able to do the next one. Oh an inchworm :-)
These push ups were part of a set of exercises she had me doing. In the end, I had done 40 of them. Needless to say, I can only type this entry because I'm only moving my fingers...OUCH!