Friday, January 27, 2012

The Mick Stood Me Up!!!

Ok, first of all...I don't get stood up!!! EXCEPT THAT I DID!!! He was there when I arrived at the gym. I went to the locker room to change, came back out, and he was GONE!! I was even ready 10 minutes early! He had even called earlier in the day to confirm our session! WHAT IN THE WORLD???!!! Well, I dunno what to say, except he BETTER BE THERE MONDAY!! And he has some answerin' to do!

In other news, I feel so much better than I did. Here's why:

I got rid of this
And this
Started drinking one of these every day
And have been taking these vitamins, minerals, and enzymes twice a day

All I eat is protein and cooked vegetables, and I have lost 7 pounds in two weeks. By the way, two Wednesdays ago I decided to go off his diet and have a nice spaghetti meal at Olive Garden. I had it with meatballs, the salad and breadsticks. Uhmmmmm...I paid for it for two days. Lots of pain, almost no energy whatsoever, and had some more personal issues. CRAZY, because how many times have I had that same meal and not had any trouble? LOTS! I learned my lesson, and I haven't "cheated" in 10 days. That's the longest I've EVER stayed on a "diet." I go see Alternative Medicine guy (aka Doc Brown) again today. We'll see what he has to say now, and what direction I am headed.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Honduran Hauntings or Mexican Mishaps???

Where to begin? I spent many high school holidays and summers on mission trips to La Pesca, Mexico. It's in the middle of Mexico on the Gulf coast. Guess what their main industry (if you don't know spanish). We had many fish gatherings with the locals after long days of home repairs, church repairs, and Bible studies. We had a joke, because my dad would incessantly say "Don't drink the water" then, turn around and say, "Make sure you're drinking enough water." We would bring LOTS of bottled water.

Then, I lived in Honduras after college for 6 months helping out with various projects in various places (preaching school, local medical/dental/nutrition clinic, mountain villages, hospitals for the sick, hospitals for "crazy people", orphanages, etc.). Also, there was my motorcycle wreck in Honduras, where I made a judgement call that may not have been "good judgement" (Drank some water of unknown origin given to me by a local woman just after the wreck). My thought was that if there was going to be a problem, it would be a "24 hour" problem, and I would just deal with it. Who knows where this came from, but the good doctor is 99% sure I have had a dormant parasite for a VERY LONG time, and it's now active.

WHAT??!!??!! I haven't been to Mexico or Honduras in 15 years!!! He said, "It doesn't matter. What matters is that you were there." OY VEY!!! SERIOUSLY???!!! Yes...seriously. I am now taking enzymes to get rid of the little booger. It can take several months. My diet has been changed to protein and cooked vegetables only. Good thing I like protein and cooked vegetables :-) Everything else "could" cause irritation in the infected area, and the good doctor wants to reduce that "possibility," which is fine with me. Also, no sugar, because the little booger likes sugar. Roger sugar. No need to encouarge it...eeewww!

There were other things. I have two areas of pain, the other is the stomach muscle spam the hospital surgeon suspected several weeks ago. Also, I'm low on certain minerals, vitamins, and immune system levels. Taking minerals and vitamins to boost that up to normal. And, the good doctor is also a Chiropractor, so I had some "adjustments" in my neck and back. Talk about holistic! I still have some skepticism with this holistic/alternative/homeopatic treatment, BUT he hasn't done anything to harm me, and he makes the most sense out of anyone so far. I still have other appointments with other doctors to rule out a few more things. Just gotta keep praying and puttin' along.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Dude, I am seriously messed up! Why did you marry me?"

Kevin: "Are you serious?"

Me: "Yes! I'm sick all the time, and look at all these 'psychological traumas'!"

Kevin: "Because I love you! What are you talking about? You're not sick all the time."
(Notice there was no comment about the "psychological traumas"...HA!)

I started filling out the holistic doc's packet-o-questions yesterday. I have to list everything medically/clinically that has ever happened from braces to cancer. THEN, there's the section on psychological traumas. It seems that as a child, I had quite a few (and by few, I mean many) medical problems. I hadn't thought about all that in a LONG, LONG while. (Did I mention it's been a while?!!) And, I have NEVER just sat down to write it all down and look at it. It was/is just life. Now, it's life on a piece of paper, and it looks overwhelming...on paper. Hence the question to Kevin. The paper says I'm a complete train wreck. Now that I think about it, his dad was a train mechanic, repairing the train's breaks. Maybe, that's why Kevin feels comfortable with's familiar territory...HA!

Anyway, I'm also keeping a food log. It's very detailed, from time that I eat to what I eat broken down into the different food groups. No casseroles this week...OR I could attach the recipes...I'll think that through a bit later.

Ok, that's all for now. And for the record, I'm tired of not feeling well!

(When I looked up pictures of train wrecks, there were also photos of Mel Gibson, Brittany Spears, Kate plus 8, Murdoch, Lindsey Lohan, Charlie Sheen...well, you get the idea!)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Confessions and Such

Not too far into this new year, and I already have confessions...woah! Not too bad though. I was going to quit blogging. I was getting bored with it, so I thought I'd be done. Well, things are getting interesting again, so I want to be able to look back and see how I made it through. Still no answer on what's causing this pain. I've decided to go to a holistic doctor. You know the kind. A whole body work up to include what I eat, how I sleep (or don't sleep), how I exercise, what causes me stress, how I relax (do I even do that??), etc., and then he comes back with some kind of way for me to "find my Zen" (just an expression people...nobody freak out). Herbal this and that, maybe accupuncture, maybe nutritional changes, Yoga...who knows. Several friends swear by this, and since conventional medicine ain't workin', I've got to try something. My mom went to one of these docs for a while, as did her best friend. It helped both of mom with her diabetes, and her friend with digestion. To control cholesterol, my dad is a vegetarian because conventional medication causes too many side effects. So, I guess the nut ain't falling far from the tree :-)

The Mick is working with me at a much lighter pace, so as not to aggrivate my issues, but still keep the workout routine going. I haven't weighed in a couple of weeks, so I have no idea how that's even going. Don't want to really. Walking helps the pain, for whatever that's worth. I've been trying to get about 30 minutes a day, but sometimes I just can't. I made it through my work week. Glad to have today off.

I have a "packet" coming from the good doctor, and I've had to start logging what I eat. Should be interesting!