Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Research and Planning...boy, that sounds like fun...

Looked at many-a-meal-plans today. They actually include many of the things I already eat. I don't think the actual food I'm eating will be an issue, it's just adjusting to how much...or little...haha! The most shocking thing I found looking around at stuff is just how much sodium and how many calories are in restaurant food. I mean, as a chef, I knew that there was more than "some salt" in foods, but geesh!! One meal may have enough salt for 2 days. One meal also has at least half of the daily recommended calorie intake. So, eat a salad at Chili's and that's half your day's calories right there. A SALAD!!! I guess we're changing our eating out habits now too. I like eating out...I don't have to clean up the kitchen afterward :-) Kevin may be forced into losing weight since I'm the cook. "And the two shall become one" just took on a new meaning for him...lol!!

The website I found for all restaurant nutritional facts is www.dietfacts.com
Enter if you dare...

My friend, Angie, suggested I log my meals on www.mydailyplate.com Checked out the website and it is very usable. I say "chicken" and it spits out a calorie number. I say "root beer" and it tells me I had too much sugar today (like I didn't know that already...ha). I can log my exercise and it calculates input vs. output letting me know if I met my 1600 calorie goal or not. Much easier than what I anticipated with pen and paper. I, too, can catch up with technology...just watch!!

So the surprise is that I've not been eating up to 1600 calories the past two days. I've been restricting myself more than I should be...PHEW!!! Cuz I was gettin' hungry!! Basically, I need to eat more breakfast. Uh...ok, I'm on it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rising Up

I'm 35, and will be 36 in a little over two months. Like I said, my genetics from my dad are becoming a "concern." When his mother was 36, she had an aneurysm and passed away...dad was 16. When dad was 37, he felt a pain in his chest while running his daily 5 mile run, went to the doctor, and had quadruple bypass surgery. 17 years later, he had a repair, and has had several stints since including a pacemaker. What makes this awful strange is that he is a long-standing vegetarian, and still runs 5 miles a day. Is there hope for me...let's see.

At 32ish I had a cholesterol count of 236 and started medication. Also, I'm on blood pressure meds, and that started about a year after the cholesterol thing. I've been puttin' along for a couple of years with normal levels, and now my "bad cholesterol" is on the rise over the past 6 months, from 72 to 116. Apparently, 130 is when it's considered "bad", however this sharp increase is the "concern" I've mentioned.

Now, I've been in somewhat of a denial, not exercising regularly and not eating very well (not horrible, but not good either). It really upsets me that this is happening. STUPID GENETICS!!!! It's kind of a conumdrum...I don't want to deal with cardiac disease, and I don't want to change my bad habits. BUT...duh, I'm going to be changing my bad habits. I'd rather not have bypass surgery please, or get caught off gaurd with an aneurysm thank you!!

So, the doc said that he is going to check my numbers again in 6 months, and if no changes, then I will have to change my diet drastically. I figure, why wait 6 months. I work with a dietician, and she did some figuring for me today. I need to lose about 40 pounds of "my natural girlish figure", and do it on a 1600 calorie diet. I've done some research today...go google...and found out that to be successful I need to log my calorie intake. That seems extremely disciplined, and out of my league, but I'll give it a go. I've also been looking at meal plans. I thought it was going to look horrible, but it doesn't. We'll see how it plays out in reality. It's basically a portion control thing, and then then I'll add the low fat/low cholesterol thing in myself. Hopefully with losing the weight, I'll get to lower my bp meds, if not get off them completely. Also, I'm exercising 4-5 times a week. I started that with my training for my 40 mile bike ride last month. I'll just kick it back into gear...get it...gear...bike...haha? Anyway.

So, I've fought off cancer, I guess I can get my fightin' gloves back on and fight this too. Exercise and diet...my mother would be so proud :-) And she'd say she told me so...that's what moms are for, I suppose :-) My cholesterol is rising up, and so am I!