Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The End Of This Chapter

One year ago this weekend is when it all began. It seems to me that when you reach a milestone, like a one year anniversary, there should be some sort of closure. So, without further adieu, I will close this chapter in my life. A year ago this weekend, I was in Houston for my cousin's high school graduation party, leaving the roofers, who had not shown up in time to save our garage ceiling from caving in on our car after water had leaked through one of the three holes in our roof from a hard rain, in Kevin's capable hands. I was also mourning the fact that our adoption agency had "let our file expire" leaving us ineligible for the adoption process we had worked so hard for 3 YEARS to get through. While at this party, Kevin sent me a txt saying that after the roofers left, the pipe in our guest bathroom wall busted, sending water into the bathroom, hallway, what would have been the baby's room, and the guest room. He then started sending pics of the holes in the wall to repair said pipe. I was so glad he was there taking care of it and not me. Then, a couple of days later I was relaxing in Kemah, watching the shrimping boats pass the yachts coming in and out of port. (An interesting dichotomy for sure) There is nothing like eating Blue Bell Birthday Cake ice cream in a chocolate dipped sprinkle waffle cone (one of my absolute favorites, btw), rubbing your eye, and realizing you may just have pink eye. That was on a Monday afternoon. I went to the urgent care center, confirmed pink eye, got drops, and planned to go home Tuesday. NOPE! My dad, who lives in Houston, called and said he had been to the heart doctor earlier in the day, and he was having a surgery on his heart vein with all the stints on Thursday. OH! OK! SURE! I'll stick around. Literally, no joking, Kevin called me 10 minutes after I hung up with dad to tell me he had torn his calf muscle in a brutal game of kickball that night. WHAT?!?!! OH! OK! SURE! Call your mother! This is what I told him. I'm such a great wife. I told him what was going on, and of course he understood. Fast forward to Thursday, dad has his surgery, no problems (THANK GOD!), and I promptly end up with a fever and bronchitis. Pink eye gone though by this point. I stayed in Houston a few more days, but when the fever wouldn't let up, I decided to drive home. I have no idea, except by the grace of God, how I got home. I called Kevin every hour to check in. He and his brother were ready to come get me anywhere I needed them to, if needed. I made it though. That fever lasted 10 days, and as we now know, opened the opportunity for the parasites, that had been dormant for 14 YEARS, to become active. This was still June. For our anniversary, June 14, Kevin brought home Carrabas, and set the table with candlelight. My accomplishment for that day was taking a shower to be clean for dinner. Bronchitis is a booger! By November, the parasite decided to take over in the Denver airport! No, no, not anywhere close to home, or close to anyone I knew. DENVER! After one ER trip in Denver, one ER trip in Euless, countless medical exams, needles and pain, BINGO, parasites were found! Then, I detoxed. For the parasites, right?! Well, yes...and no. I've now discovered I am allergic to gluten, and this has been causing me problems my ENTIRE LIFE! Fortunately, this is a great time in America to be allergic to gluten. Awareness is high, and so are precautions in the food industry. So, this is where this chapter ends. My doctor is convinced that there is nothing else wrong with me. I just need to maintain a gluten free diet forever, which won't be a problem considering the reactions I have to it. Not pretty! Oh, and we have a beautiful new Spanish tile roof with energy efficient radiant barrier decking, two re-tiled bathroom showers, new paint and toilet in the guest bathroom, new plumbing in 50% of our home, and a brand new A/C unit (I bargained for all new duct work with the unit...yea me!). I've also been attending a leadership class at work that you have to be selected for, revived old friendships, revived my love for playing music, and feel like a bagillion bucks with this energy from being gluten free. I THINK that covers it. One more thing, we are looking into foster-to-adopt programs, and plan to be signed up by the end of summer. Ok, now I'm done. End of Chapter! AND...I'm putting the book in the freezer (Joey on Friends did this with scarey books).

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  1. Your awesome and I love you! You are a great testament to perserverance, keeping the faith and God's abundant grace! We still need to get together and talk gluten! What are your plans for the weekend of the 8th? We won't have any of our children starting Saturday the 9th so maybe we could meet Saturday afternoon in the middle?