Friday, June 8, 2012

Stress and The Nectar Novice: Rule #2

A little background...I grew up in a strict Christian home. Alcohol was the forbidden fruit. I actually didn't drink until I was 21, and then it was only to see what it tasted like. I was not a party girl, and to this day, hardly ever drink. I now see where my being a late bloomer was probably a good idea. About 7 years ago, I was in Denver for work, and a group of us went to dinner at a brewery. Unknown to this nectar novice and native of the flatlands (Texas), altitude changes ones' tolerance for alcohol. I indulged in ONE of their homemade brews, and became the new poster child for "Chatty Cathy." I proceeded to answer my boss' boss' question, "How are things at your clinic?" by bashing my boss who was not present. OOPS! I did not get fired, but upon return to the flatlands, I was greatly scorned by a seething boss. Before this meeting happened, I was pacing the sidewalk and calling all friends for advice. There was tension between us after the meeting for a good time to come. It was after this incident I invoked Rule #2: DO NOT drink with work people! Reduce work stress, right? Fast forward to this week...I was attending my graduation from a leadership class given by my employer. It was at a local winery. (Do you see where this is going...OY!) I really have stuck to my rule for 7 years. However, somewhere between my ears I thought, one glass of wine won't kill me...I'm in the flatlands! This party is for MY graduation, after all. Insert my ONE glass of wine. As I was working the room saying my hellos, I realized that because I have applied for a promotion, I should probably hob-nob with the Regional Director who could be my future boss. I'm not the best at idle chit-chat, but I thought of some little topics. We say our hellos, I tell her I've been reading a book she suggested. She says, "Yeah, it's a good book. I'm going to get more food." And...SHE WALKED AWAY!! FAIL! This is where my normal shy girl would show up and walk away. Did I?...oh, no I didn't! She returns, and I say, "I hear you were out on vacation." She thinks about that for a few seconds and says, "No, I had my gall bladder removed." I say, "OH! I'm sorry, I guess that's how rumors get started (insert stupid sheepish laugh)." She smiles and turns her back to me to talk to someone else. OY! I DID walk away at this point, tail between my legs, back to my comfort zone peeps. Was she really that hungry? Am I really that boring to talk to? Either way, I broke my rule, and experienced ANOTHER uncomfortable work scenario. Correlated or inconsequential, I will feel stress wondering if it was induced by my "Chatty Cathy." So, back to the basics. Avoid "Chatty Cathy" induced work stress!! Rule #2: DO NOT drink with work people!!!

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